• "I had a Mediumship Reading with Johnine and she brought through that I had a brother that had passed, he did pass away about two and a half years prior. She said that he was there and I was to tell my Mom that he received his birthday card. I was unsure what this meant but called my Mom to tell and ask her, to my amazement she said yes, she had written his birthday card the day before he passed and had buried it with him. Johnine and I had conversations during my reading and my brother had been with us telling her things only I, or my mother could possibly know. I asked her about another friend that had passed, not giving any details, and the very first thing that she said, that he said, blew me away. There was no way she could have known this. Johnine has very special gifts and is an amazing person to talk to."
  • "Wow I was fortunate enough to have a reading with Johnine, using her Medium and Psychic skills on Skype, Johnine was so in the now, full of love and accurate with what she and her guides brought through. There isn’t a lot of people that can or have brought through my brother who has been gone for over 30yrs now, but Johnine did, she also brought my dad and lots of other information in the connection to say the least. Memorable - something I will always cherish. There is no doubt in my mind that Johnine is the real deal, Johnine thank you so much. Xxx Blessings"
  • "I didn’t believe in readings or mediums in fact, until I met you. You’ve honestly put peace and rest to my heart through the many years of struggling with trying to accept the loss my family had. Thank you so much for my reading; it's the first time in 7 years I've felt at ease with my sister. I will forever be thankful for you! When I'm back in Wagin I'll for sure come and see you. You have a gift, xo"
  • "I had a Medium Session with Johnine Barlow in January 2013. I found her to be very professional and more importantly I think she was very warm and caring, l found her to be very clear and precise with what she told me. Johnine also gave me insightful information to do with myself and my family members and friends, especially those that were deceased. I came away feeling very peaceful within myself. In my opinion l believe Johnine has a very special gift to share with people. I do look forward to my next session."
  • "Thank you Johnine for once again providing a beautiful calming, spiritual experience filled with love and messages from people we miss so much. Your calming influence stayed with me for a long time and so much of what you said made sense. It is so nice to know that the people we love really do stay close. You are a very talented, caring lady with a beautiful soul and I will be back again to repeat this amazing experience."
  • "Johnine, WOW! I thought after the reading I had six months ago was amazing, but the reading on the weekend, was comforting, beautiful, truthful, emotional and has put me so much more at peace! Your gift is truly wonderful.x"
  • "This was my first ever reading. Johnine's insight is powerful. I laughed, I cried and ultimately came away feeling comforted, uplifted, and with much to reflect on. Thank you X"
  • "This was my first reading and I enjoyed every minute of it. Knowing that my dad is looking over myself and our son all the time is beautiful. The session brought tears to my eyes- i highly recommend Johnine for future readings xo"
  • "I have had the wonderful experience to have had Johnine work on many aspects with me on my I own spiritual journey. Her healing techniques are such a relaxing process that helped me restore some natural balance back into my life. I'm also always delighted and thrilled to be able to commune with those who have chosen to come through to me to pass on some love and messages. My last session with Johnine resulted in not only contact with my Darling Dad but my much love departed little Abby dog who let me know she is still around. Blew me away. I highly recommend any aspect of Johnines beautiful connection to anyone. She is a soft loving soul who does it all with love."
  • "I’ve never had a reading before and I thank you for bringing the presence of my grandmother, nephew and uncle into my life again. I could never believe it until you took me down memory lane and I realised I was talking to them through you. There were so many things you said that they have witnessed in my life since their passing that were correct. It made my day and also to my family to know that they are still around us where ever we go. Thank you so very much Johnine Barlow 🙂  "
  • "Thanks for an awesome weekend, was amazing and you are amazing!"
  • "Thanks so much Johnine for a very special experience. You made a beautiful space for us with candlelight and firelight - lovely and cozy with the rain thundering on the roof. A little sanctuary away from our ever busy lives. With your guidance we all had some enlightening experiences, and were able to catch a glimpse of how pure and spacious our minds can be once we learn how to hold them still. Looking forward to your regular meditation evenings starting again!"
  • "Thanks for an awesome day on Sunday Johnine u r such a beautiful person I am truly blessed to have met you. I caught up with my mum after that reading and she was absolutely speechless, gob smacked, happy and aware of everything that came through, thank you so much you have an amazing gift....."
  • "There are no words to describe how amazing this experience was! For months I felt lost and disconnected from myself, but after visiting Johnine I once again feel whole and at peace with myself! It was the most empowering experience I've ever had! I highly recommend her! Simply beautiful!! Xxxx"
  • "Thank you Johnine you’re truly gifted, I’m telling everyone (hope u don’t mind) but I believe you’re the bomb! Xxxx"
  • "I had a psychic session with Johnine Barlow in January 2013. I found Johnine to conduct the session in a professional manner with a sense of directness and clarity, she carried a warm manner and gave insightful information in which I was seeking from her. Johnine's work environment and work ethic is of a high standard, with an essence of tranquillity, security and a confidential retreat to conduct sessions. With my personal reading session, "l was so moved by the experience, and felt a sense of relief when I walked out", I have referred my family members and friends onto Johnine to experience her gifts."
  • "I had a Mediumship Reading with Johnine Barlow in 2012. I found her to be completely professional and genuine. She was able to profoundly validate that my deceased father had come to visit me and through her pass on important messages. For this I’m forever grateful. The information/description of my father was completely correct, even down to what he wore for clothing. The reading was very emotional for myself and very welcomed. My father gave Johnine many memories regarding my upbringing in New Zealand of which was validated. In particular he gave her a direct message about a pearl that he had found in a very rare place, being an abalone shell while diving. Johnine described him to be so happy and over the moon about finding it as pearls are normally found in an oyster shell and not in abalone shell. I was not able to validate this information until I rang my mother in New Zealand and found out that my father had given the pearl to her as a gift, she hadn’t told anyone about this and asked “how on earth do you know about that?” My father was for sure communicating with Johnine. I would have never known this information if it were not for my father directly sharing his memory and message to Johnine during our reading. It is without a doubt that Johnine is a natural gifted medium. Thank you."
  • "Being a spiritual person I really do know Johnine Barlow has a natural gift and was so accurate with my mediumship reading. She brought my relatives through with such confidence, and was so very accurate it was incredible, it gave me great comfort. Johnine is a very kind and gentle person. I would not hesitate to send family or friends to her for a reading."
  • "‘Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me. The time I spent with you was very exhilarating, energizing and uplifting. Your clarity, honesty and meticulous insights have all come to fruition. I am totally amazed by you.’"
  • "I went for a reading with Johnine as I needed to know if my brother was okay, as he had passed very suddenly from a fall while I was living in Australia and he still lived in UK. From the moment I walked in she gave me messages and personal memories from him - even think she had already received messages before I arrived. It was a wonderful reading in a most peaceful and warm room with one of the warmest and most comfortable people I have met in a long time. After a few tears and laughs our session ended with a short meditation. I left feeling light hearted and relaxed. Thank you Johnine for the time I spent with you. Xx"