Preparation Info

When filling out your personal details through the online booking system, STATE Face to Face in booking question box, first name and date of birth of the person having the reading. You’ll receive an email confirmation upon booking and the location will be provided, Parking is available.

For all Personal Readings please be punctual, if late for your reservation, Johnine will read for you for the remainder of your time slot, but cannot keep the next client waiting, to ensure a full reading be ready about 10min prior.

You’ll have the choice to choose a Skype Reading when filling out your personal details through the Online Booking System . In the booking question box STATE that you’re having SKYPE and leave your username next to this, DOUBLE CHECK that you have the exact name and digits correctly spelled to ensure your reading goes to schedule, Johnine will confirm you as a friend.  Also please leave the first name, date of Birth of the person having the reading with Johnine.

Your Personal Reading through Skype is not recorded; you may take notes or record your own Reading. Be ready to answer Johnine’s call at your designated time.

NOTE: WITHIN AUSTRALIA ONLY – Johnine will call you for your Phone Reading at your designated time.  You’ll have the choice to choose a Phone Reading when filling out your personal details through the Online Booking System. In the booking question box STATE that you’re having PHONE and leave your desired phone number next to this, and the first name and date of birth or the person having the reading.

If you do not have access to Pay Pal, please contact Johnine through “Contact” with a request for EFT payment details that will be emailed to you to secure your booking (within Australia).




Q: Does a Reading via Skype or Phone differ from a Personal Face-to-Face Reading?

A: No, Johnine has the ability to connect with you energetically via skype or phone and relay detailed information and impressions received through a telepathic link between your Soul and/or Soul’s whom have passed into the spirit world. You’ll gain clarity upon different aspects and situations in your life as Johnine taps into your aura and soul receiging information through the sound of your voice (vibration).

As a Medium Johnine will directly connect and communicate with your loved ones and you need not be in the same room to experience her gift. Johnine works soul to soul through listening, feeling, seeing and knowing the information as it flows to her through the energy link between yourself – Spirit and from within the sound of your voice.

Q: How long after my loved one have passed should I wait before having a reading?

A: It is important that you wait at least 2-3 months before you have a reading to connect to your loved ones, friends or family in Spirit to ensure that you can go through the grieving process. The grieving process is important and necessary for you to come to terms with the loss of your loved one. Often the Spirit will also need time to adjust to the changes they have gone through. In the meantime, please know that your loved one is surrounded by people who love them and are in a safe, loving environment.

Q: How do I prepare for my Mediumship Reading?

A: Preparing for a Mediumship Reading is similar to preparing for a Life Reading. You need to have an open mind to what comes through for you from the Spirit Realm. Remember that anyone can come through who is connected to you, your family and your friends. It is important to let the spirit world gather closely and allow whom will naturally appear during your reading to share their messages to you, rather than waiting for a desired spirit loved one, most likely they are preparing or opening the queue for your closer loved one to present to you, however there is no guarantee that any medium can connect to a particular Spirit.

Come relaxed, have a couple of questions ready for the end of your session, take notes or feel free to record the reading with your phone or electronic devise.