Johnine’s Journey


Johnine’s first memories along her Spiritual Journey was when she was five years old and she experienced having outer body experiences. Johnine found herself looking down over and around herself with a sense of being expanded or bigger like a bubble as she was playing. She remembers crying on her first day of school walking into an unknown place and popping out of her body looking over the top with a bird’s eye view, then feeling a comforting beautiful presence of support and love that filled her as she heard the words, ‘You’re going to be alright’ and within a split second was back in her body.

The next memories of significance were at age nine years, as Johnine slept she awoke consciously to be aware of the process of herself as Soul Light travelling in the Inner World. At first she was in so much awe she remembers hearing herself say, ‘Wow this is soooo beautiful!” “I’m awake while I’m sleeping!”

The magnificence, colour, beauty, vibration, sensations and a deep resonating knowing through telepathic communication that she was in the abode of her Higher Divine Consciousness. Then within a moment, fear crept in from her logic human mind with thoughts of ‘How did I get here so far from my body?’ ‘I’m not a body?!’ ‘Did I die?’ ‘Is this where I came from and go back to?’ ‘What is happening?’ with panic.

These fearful thoughts sent turbulent energetic tidal waves through the beautiful place she was standing before making it very unstable to hold this space of frequency; she was sucked into a cascading vortex going back to the body in rapid speed which left her feeling frightened. She became fully conscious awake and was gasping in a state as though she’d just survived nearly dying or being between two worlds.

Now as the adult, she can see that she remembered predominately the fear of the experience instead of the beauty she witnessed before. This same outer body experience continued as she got older, Johnine had no validation from anyone, so she didn’t press further and continued into life.

In Johnine’s teenage years her Nanna would sit to share her own clairvoyant insights and spirit activity explaining that she would see into another realm of existence where another reality was co-existing with us, she’d share the unusual spirit phenomena that occurred where she lived.

Johnine recalls her Nanna telling her about when she had read a book about psychic and spiritual explorations and immediately the spirit activity increased around her, this scared her so she burnt the book (lol).
Just by being around her Nanna, she felt a comfort and noted a similarity within herself.

At the age of seventeen Johnine found herself spontaneously intrigued and going along to her very first meditation circle, feeling relaxed and right at home even though she had never done this before. As she came out of meditation her clairvoyant vision to see subtle energy opened and she felt excitement as her mind grasped that there is this whole other subtle energetic world around us.

Johnine continued meditation and had confided with a close friend one of her first predictive visions of the local service station going up in fiery flames… this came to pass within a year with a twist of arson from the owner.

Meditation awoke Johnine’s natural abilities and activated many more outer body experiences in this world and in other realms. Johnine would hear spirit people and children walking down the hallway, making cups of tea (not physically but in their world), playing or coughing and talking amongst themselves on occasions – just living simultaneously alongside us.

Over the years Johnine had frequent visits from her deceased family members, especially her Nanna, Great Grandmother who she had not met physically and Guides supporting her spiritual pathway, including unknown spirit seeking to connect to their loved ones.

For many years Johnine tried to suppress her natural born mediumship abilities trying to fit into the mainstream of society’s expectations and perceptions, but Truth of self was unveiling rapidly.

Moving forward, Johnine went through a process of acceptance of herself more deeply as a Medium and Teacher. She openly welcomed spirit forward with trust to work with her as a Professional Medium communicating messages of love and healing between two worlds.