Johnine Barlow was born in Albany, Western Australia and currently lives in Rural Western Australia with her 3 beautiful boys.

Initially Johnine’s creative passion and childhood dream led her to become a Hairdresser and she went on to operate her own Hairdressing Business for several years, within a 15 year time frame.

In her early twenties she trained in Swedish Massage, Bowen Therapy and Pranic Healing.

Johnine became accredited in Children’s Services to run her own Family Day Care Business for several years whilst having young children.

The next phase, Johnine become a Shearing Contractor doing payroll, book keeping, BAS and is also the Business Manager of a second Shearing Company doing it all over again – totaling up to 50 employees. In the past she has worked in the shearing team as a skilled roustabout which is a very physically demanding career. Johnine’s had a contrast of experience when it has come to employment and self employed businesses.

Johnine felt a natural progression toward coming back home to her healing and working with the body, energy, spirit and the mind, opening her Sanctuary Healing Business.

This opened a path for her to fully commit to her passion of Meditation, understanding awareness, Mindfulness, prompting her to become Certified IMTTA Meditation Teacher & Holistic Counselor plus a Mindfulness Teacher for children. This gave her the grounds to take her teaching out to the public and private sittings including facilitating Mindfulness for children after school programs; an amazing rewarding experience!

Johnine designs and facilitates empowering development workshops filtering in guidance by her spirit team on the understanding of meditation, connecting to spirit, energy, consciousness, stillness, awareness, sensitivity, art of surrender and your soul.

Johnine has many passions and currently sees clients for Mediumship and Life Readings which have been a lifelong gift that she intentionally opened herself more strongly to since 2008.


Johnine has dedicated herself to honing her abilities with training from within Australia and Internationally. This has literally opened the veil and enhanced communication furthermore between the two worlds, bringing comfort, validation and healing to many.

Johnine pursued training to fine tune her natural mediumistic ability by the best in the Industry; World Renown ‘Tony Stockwell’, ‘Lynne Probert’, ‘Helen DaVita’, Simone Key’ and Paul Jacobs, even travelling to the UK to study at the Prestigious ‘Arthur Findlay College’ learning from Great Tutors in the field of mediumship and psychic Studies.

Johnine has been privately mentored by ‘Mavis Pittilla’ and  by ‘Tony Stockwell’.

Her Mediumship is always unfolding and in turn the spirit world has reciprocated coming closer to communicate their messages of love, bringing Healing between two Worlds.