Meet Johnine

Hello, I’m Johnine Barlow and would love to share a little bit more about myself… So I invite you to grab a cuppa and join with me…

I am a passionate and dedicated Medium, Seer and Teacher in understanding self through subtle Energy and Consciousness that is within and without. My heart is aligned with bringing healing to both worlds and guiding people through the insight shown to me.

My location is in Western Australia and I have a client base extending out Internationally working with people in 1-1 Personal Readings and Group Mediumship Demonstrations.

I have known deeply within of my gift to see beyond this physical world and perceive information from other subtle realms of consciousness from the multitude of experiences I’ve encountered with spirit; including my own relatives that have passed, guides, evolved beings of light, masters and my direct connection experiential with my Divine Higher Consciousness from the age of nine.

I have fine tuned my sensitivity through dedication of my own inner work energetically; and now understand my ability to see, feel, hear and know is a blessing. I love sharing the personal messages of guidance that the spirit world has to offer. They show me they are always available in our everyday life giving a tremendous amount of assurance and support to all of us; comforting us with immense healing and love – even if we don’t seem to feel or perceive this truth.

I can pin point one of the earlier moments in my life when I became aware I was a Medium. I was 19 years old and enrolled at a massage course where we happened to do an exchange of healing and viewing the aura on our lunch break. It was my turn to view and I looked clairvoyantly at the ladies aura; I did not connect with her colours – instead I viewed and described a four year old boy who was in Spirit and standing with her. I heard the words “I love my Mummy”; “my Mummy”.

He continued to show me that he was holding on to a locket in his hand. I really didn’t know if this information was valid and expressing it was a very vulnerable and uncommon thing for me to do. I found that the words just jumped out of my mouth and the lady reached down into her blouse and pulled out her locket. She was crying and she opened it to show me her little boy who had passed from this world.

Healing tears fell from this lady and I just stood in shock with the raw emotion. The information was so validating that we needed not to say much; we just stayed with the feeling of love and healing that had opened up between her and her son.

Looking back, there have been many interactions with spirit that have paved the way for me to know without a doubt that the Soul lives on eternally. This has allowed me to embrace myself as the authentic Medium I am today. My role is being the voice between two worlds as they join closely, to share their love to you.

I really look forward to meeting with you soon! Johnine x