5 Day Training
Develop your Intuition & Psychic Awareness!

With Johnine Barlow

Hello, it’s my absolute joy to bring to you my Training series where I will share my best tips and tools that I’ve discovered clairvoyantly along my journey with communication from my Spirit Team. You will be guided how to naturally unlock your Intuitive Guidance and further expand into understanding how to enhance your Psychic skills.


Daily emails will be delivered directly to your inbox, simply open and absorb all the valuable key points, practice the exercises to hone your Intuition so that you can become attuned to listening to your Internal Guidance and feel what it’s truly like to be in sync with your Higher Power.

This in turn will lead you to becoming Empowered and Decisive with making the best choices in your life in alignment with your Soul, living a more successful life on many levels with joy and abundance. This may even open the doorway to your Divine Purpose!

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Transformational – Magnetic – Intuitive Awareness

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Johnine will share with you:

* MP3 Meditation Sequences, Content, Video.

* Exact Steps to open your subtle energy systems and get into your power.

* Understanding your sixth sensory faculties and your unique style of perceiving energetic data to receive Intuitive hits.

* Psychic exercises

* Understand how to attune to your Body Wisdom.

* Learn how to expand your consciousness and fine tune your Clairvoyance.

* Imagination versus Inner Dimensional Reality.

* Understand how to hold a point of focus within your mind which is crucial to opening the Psychic Screen or Webbing to perceive the inner dimension.


Join with Johnine, your personal Soul Mentor and receive 5 days of juicy jam packed spiritual insight that will kick start your intuitive and psychic development, delivered directly to your email inbox for you to commence in the comfort of your home!

$20 Charge. Let’s do this!

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