Kundalini Mentoring 6 weeks

6x Kundalini Mentoring Sessions for the price of five
(You get one FREE!) each session 1.5hrs


Full payment $900 AUD (valued at $1,080) or 2x instalments $450 payment plan available.



Journey with Johnine, your trusted Kundalini Guide who has over 20 years experience and specialises in Kundalini Crisis.

Johnine will work with you through her Kundalini Intelligence with direct transmissions tailored to how your Kundalini Divine guides the session.


* Johnine uses her multi-dimensional sensory perception, higher clairvoyance and direct knowing to blend with your higher consciousness to access exactly what is happening to you, where you are stuck, why you are experiencing it and empowers you to understand how to start to navigate your emotions, the ups and downs, the sensitivity and move your consciousness to the next level of balance.


* With practise of techniques your own multi-dimensional perception starts to awaken and you can experience yourself as awareness separate to your mind, thoughts or body enabling you to see with the eyes of the soul accessing your own knowingness and no longer fearing the invisible inner world. You will have a map to take you through the ocean of darkness or vast empty spacious awareness into merging with your Divine point of light.


*You will be guided to build a strong energetic foundation that supports your mind and body to hold the tremendous influx of higher states of consciousness of the soul’s potential that is released into the body systems.


*You will find relief and comfort in knowing there is a universal map to assist you to navigate your vast inner world, deep diving working together through your resistances, fears, blocks, traumas and past stories as the subtle energies purify the emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual energy bodies; refining your Temple body. Moving you beyond being stuck and into freedom, peace of mind and fuller expression of self.


*At the end of the six weeks you will feel an inner confidence radiating through you coming directly from your power of the soul. You will be able manage riding the waves of this dynamic transformational kundalini awakening becoming a director of your consciousness.


*You’ll feel relief and re-assurance going forward in your life using the tools that Johnine shares bringing grounded balance, managing your sensitivity, harness your power, distribute the subtle energies so they get stuck, attunement to your Soul’s natural platform of frequency and build trust between this innate Divine Intelligence that wishes to work through your mind, body and out into your life.


*Learn how to feel safe and anchor your power as your kundalini rises staying in your Temple Body while your consciousness expands rather then exiting the body and being stuck in the expansive higher realms disconnected from life and your body making it hard for you to work, focus or be present as you are literally in another dimension .


Please fill out an Enquiry booking form to start the booking process or to ask more questions and Johnine will reply.
Full payment $900 AUD (valued at $1,080) or 2x instalments $450 payment plan available.


This is a transformational life changing investment, you are getting 6x sessions for the price of five.
With warm love and care, Johnine x

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