Intuitive Exercises

Intuitive Exercises

Psychic Exercise

I want to take the time to thank you for arriving on my website. This page will have Intuitive Exercises to practice to fire up your psychic muscles.

Today’s exercise is to imagine that you are within my consciousness, feel as though your hands are blended and within my hands and reach over to the image below to select the crystal that i choose.


Remember to tune into my presence to select what it is I am drawn to pick, not what you’re intuitively drawn to for yourself, sometimes you may feel an expanded larger feeling around the crystal…… or you may see a gold or similar light hover around the crystal…. or you get a knowing within your heart to just reach out and pick that one.

Thank you for participating in this Intuitive Exercise!



Scroll down to a little further to see the Reveal.



Here it is: Apache Tear

I meditated with this today and it’s the first time a crystal has moved in my hand, it caused an electrical response and triggered a wave of Kundalini to rise through my body, lifting frequency – purifying to receive greater Divine Love.

This was pretty amazing!

Johnine x 🙂

Intuitive Exercises

Intuitive Exercise: Animal Magic Transference Healing Cards


Animal Magic Transference Healing Cards

What Animal is guiding you this week? Which card are you drawn too, once we reveal down below, you will feel this animal’s spirit essence as a collective enter your aura and begin to subtly guide you!

Thank you so much for joining into this potent Spirit Guide Card Spread!
Writing this out I can definitely feel the power of each of the animal consciousness touching my spirit.


Keep scrolling down to see the Reveal





CARD 1 (LEFT): LEOPARD – key word Transference

The leopard is a highly nocturnal, highly sensitive & responsive to its surroundings. It hunts a wider variety of prey than other big cats, usually at dusk or dawn. It is silent, inconspicuous and able to move in and out of situations without being seen. Leopard is beautiful, graceful animal adored in many indigenous and ancient cultures as a watchful, courageous, aggressive and sometimes cunning creature. It is associated with beliefs about death, the afterlife and the wandering of the human soul.

Leopard holds sacred wisdom of the magical powers that create transition of transference process from life to the afterlife and from death to rebirth.


Leopard has come through to help you conquer your deepest fears. You could be releasing old, dogmatic or religious belief systems creating fear, suppression and superstition. You could be releasing the fear of death, change, the afterlife or past life abuse. You could also be energetically decoding DNA memories of past life persecution. Leopard pulls through the power to initiate and perform a ‘transference shift’ through which deep, dark trauma can finally cleared, giving you the ability to anchor in the light to ignite, hold and emanate ‘power’.

Leopard comes to you teach you to release feelings and pressures of anger and frustration. It also teaches you how to trust your instincts, which can be difficult at a time when most people are programmed to ignore their instincts and think more logically. Leopard clears the nightmares that haunt the mind, giving you the ability and power to clear your frayed nerves from within the central nervous system and brain.

Leopards wonderful magic helps you heal these painful memories, believe in the essence of power and light within. It helps you break through limitations and boundaries and experience spiritual freedom. Leopard gives you strength to change and transform, and the courage and wisdom to change what doesn’t align with your new self.


CARD 2 (MIDDLE): UNICORN – key word Enlightenment


Unicorn is beautiful, graceful and pure of heart, it’s spiraled horn is said to heal and neutralise poisons. Almost every culture around the world has mythology, story or art symbolising the unicorn’s magical qualities of healing.

Most people believe the Fantasy Kingdoms exist only within the hear and imagination, but in reality they are parallel, Elemental and Ethereal Realms of the Earth and cosmos existing within higher crystallised, dimensions of light.  Unicorn enhance not only your connection to the light and elemental dimensions of Nature, but also helps you attune to the pure, childlike innocence and divine aspects of your inner nature. Unicorn encourages you to connect to certain star gate systems and dimensions, which reconnect you to the higher crystallised dimensions of christ light, within the angelic planes.


You could be healing your inner-child to purify your emotional body. Unicorn work’s very closely with the Crystal Fairies – both love connecting and integrating with Earth’s children.

Unicorn enhances childhood experiences of the Mystical Realms of the fairies or elementals that co-exist within different kingdoms on Earth – not only within the crystals but also within other elements such as plants, trees, rivers and so on. It opens up a child’s ability to integrate with the fairies to enhance their creativity and artistic or visionary skills. Most importantly it helps to heal the emotional wounds and sensitivity from painful childhood experiences.

Unicorn enable you to experience parallel reality shifts, to reconnect to the times of Lemuria and thereby integrate past life aspects of yourself from that time. It also helps you experience parallel reality shifts into the higher Elemental Kingdoms to encode specific dimensions of the light body.

CARD 3 (RIGHT): EAGLE – key word Divine Mind

The eagle is a large powerful majestic bird. It is honored as a living symbol of power, freedom, and transcendence. It is admired for its strength, beauty and ferocious hunting skills. Eagle has always been a bird of kings. It is found frequently on heraldic signs, shields of warriors, banners and national flags; it represents the Divine Mind, spiritual power, authority, wisdom, fearlessness, strength, contemplation, inspiration, ascension and the air element. Representing Spirit or mind.

Eagle is regarded as a holy bird, a protective spirit and the guardian of heaven. Among the Druids, the Eagle was a symbol of their Supreme Being. It is a sacred messenger carrying prayers to the Creator and returning with gifts and visions for the people. Eagle feathers help medicine people contact Spirit for healing. Eagle expresses an archetypal energy that expands the boundaries of the self through increased awareness.


You could be feeling stuck in the past, afraid of creating new opportunities and unable to see beyond the restrictions of the mind. You could be feeling a lack of clarity, resulting in the depletion of your personal power and will. This could manifest as a dis -empowerment process preventing you from revitalising and healing the body, mind and emotions.

Eagle connects you to the power of Spirit and enhances your ability to see the bigger picture so you can let go or fear and uncertainty in your life. Eagle helps you break free from limitations and ‘soar’ to great heights through higher consciousness so you can observe the expansiveness of life and expand your sense of self beyond your own limited horizon. Eagle helps you clear feelings of depletion that have come through from a leakage in your mental plane and allows the divine power and attributes of Spirit to manifest within you to make a conscious connection to the Divine Mind or Infinite Intelligence.

Eagle people are free thinkers and believe all people should have the freedom to choose their own path. Although they are energetic and love to explore new territories of physical endurance, they require a certain level of isolation; they need freedom from mundane routine and are usually self-employed; they are independent, preferring to rely on their own judgment and discernment; they like meditation or deep states of contemplation to receive the clarity they need.

Eagle is renowned for its superior vision and, above all birds holds the gift and ability to help others. It has come through today to enhance that quality within you and help you maintain balance in all dimensions within yourself and reality so you can achieve can achieve personal growth. Eagle is broadening your perspective so you can gain a higher level of insight and understanding of the issues at hand. It is giving you the courage to strive for a greater purpose, lifestyle and spiritual belief system.

You will be attracted to self-employment and establishing your own business or company, are interested in maps, geography and scientific research, or the science of astronomy, or mastering law or commerce. You are usually specialists in your field and have the determination and pioneering skills to bring success well beyond your dreams.

Thank you for participating today!

Johnine x