The power of 1 pointed focus & intention

Our thoughts create our reality…


Do you take note to what you think about each day?


When we have aprox. 72,000 thoughts per day, we have an opportunity to narrow our parameters into streamline focused thinking (intent). Random default thinking scatters your magnetic power to attract, your energetic power diverts into a broad band wavelength.


When you place your thoughts into focused intent you narrow in on what you want and it sends a signal out to the universe with the energetic force of power behind it… when energy is directed into images and feelings and also writing them out of your head onto paper or computer of what you are wanting to create in your life, you are stating to the universe a signal of what you exactly desire.


If your desire is coming from the soul it will have an even stronger momentum behind it.


Are you putting your whole self into the reality you want to create?…


Everything that ever exists in this world first exists in the higher plane of consciousness.. the energetic thought field of creation.



As you immerse yourself each day with images and feelings as though they are real right now, and say 50,000 thoughts for example you are creating a momentum.


You are hanging out in the realm of unmanifest where it all begins, as you get familiar with this new way to pitch your mind and where to hang out, there is a natural descending or fishing line that energetically pulls in your direct focused stream of consciousness back into reality…. especially if it is a desire of the soul, you will have even more power behind it coming into physical reality.


Your sub-conscious mind does not differentiate between what you see in front of you physcially and what is coming from within your mind – your inner world – higher plane of thought consciousness…


If you want to become a creator and change your life, direct your thoughts pitching them up into the grid of creation where the unmanifest can be felt and embodied and in the right timing through you placing ACTION each day towards that goal, dream, desire you will open up a space to allow it into your physical reality.


Life is waiting for you to step up, put the disciplined focused thoughts, feelings and images into a large amount of you day.


Whatever the goal, take action each day, create a rythm of consistancy, swirl up into the abundance grid of creation, put the narrow focus of your power of thoughts onto your exact specific thing you want to have or experience.



Just like how the elite athletes become top of their sporting careers, it is constancy of effort, focus creating rythm, focus, ACTION = results, achievment & success!
They were just doing what they love everyday, day in day out… and then they without knowing it they slipped into their dream – manifesting into reality.


You may need to look at what doesn’t fuel your deeper purpose, business, life work or soul desire and let go of them.
Letting go allows you to make room for aligning to people, places, things and new opportunities that do support & align with your focal point.


When your attention goes into many diverted avenues that hasn’t got anything to do with your creation that you are focusing on, it will scatter your focus…
Draining your fuel that is needed to keep driving you into one pointed accomplishment of your exact goal.


Become the director of your life – creator – action taker –
Kick out of the plateau you are in and start a new day with focused soul driven thoughts…. monitor your thoughts, become laser focused and watch your dreams manifest!

Johnine x


To express yourself fully.

To just be! Fully in your being!


No filters guarding the uniqueness of your self. How would this feel?


Can you take your mind to what it would feel like to not filter yourself or modify yourself in anyway? Wow, liberating…. Free!


It may feel bit different to begin with… but we used to be free as children… in the moment coming from within to without.


The biggest challenge we all have is that we worry what the other person may react, say, judge, expect, sway you or put you down. We start to please others and the outer to feel validated.

We used to have a harmony between our being and receiving from our deep inner soul self and letting it flow through the mind, out through our voice and actions out into the world.


Through conditioning and societal expectations and projections we lost our flow of unique expression that is meant to come through unhindered. These filters cover the mind and heart to hide or keep safe that precious part to ourselves and our truth.


What if you started to take a risk… and back yourself…. tune only to yourself, even if you can’t feel her/him yet, to make a stance to start to turn towards self and in this very action you will begin to de armour the filters one by one…. turning inwards lifts your frequency as you are blending with your soul self… as you lift vibration the fear or filter drops off, dissolves. So just doing this action for 10min a day will be reversing your awareness to tune to and allow your true self to start to flow…. even if you think oh, this i just peaceful and still and this is not doing much as you sit within self… It actually is.


The dizziness and cloudy feeling you sometimes get and the sensory spacey body sensations around the head area is your soul’s truth and radiance trying to flow…. the filter is stopping it or backlogging the flow….


You can balance this to a degree by letting the abundance energy which is your soul’s resonance to enter into your body, particulary the right side of your brain… and feel it travel across to the left side of your brain. Bringing creative soul access from right brain to logic, action and WILL of left brain.


Starting to reinforce the harmony between your creative potential, unique expression and the mind where action and expression of your Soul’s WILL can come through.


Balancing of the right and left hemispheres of the brain allows a greater amount of self to come through in harmony… you will feel resistance as your divine intelligence glides through this pathway digging up all that filters that hold you back…. let it flow through and see a steady platform evenly energetically moving betwen your inner mind.


This invitation will let you be able to embody and FEEL yourself, your magnetic flow of life force merging with the mind.


This power will soothe you to be! As you are right in the centre of your being flowing> you’ve given yourself permission to go beyond the BS of filters of the mind.


The challenge is letting this love, intelligence, creative flow, power, potential to cross the stream of consciousness of the mind, there has been a war between the mind and intuitive being…. the mind was dictating and directing the show run by the sub-conscious programs that are outdated.  This new pathway is like a bridge to allow the divine WILL to flow and enter your body giving you that true instinctual FEELING of empowerment, confidence and joy.


Take a step forward today by setting up your bridge and channel of flow and invite the flow of expression. You won’t look back!


Your soul longs for fuller expression unhindered; be your best friend and back yourself no longer pleasing others on the outside and letting your power leak. Take your power back and just be totally in your own inner orbit.


These embodiment practices and opening of your energy pathways within your body are a part of my upcoming online 6 week course.


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Johnine 🙂


Thoughts of the day through the eyes of the soul.

Hi everyone ❤️


How do you cope when there is annoying things, sounds or words that aren’t pleasant going on around you?


Like maybe it’s people moaning about something, or maybe your children are arguing sorting out their pecking order, or maybe it’s your dog barking, or perhaps someone at your work place that you have to listen too because they are right in your space and you need to keep working is getting to you.


Well this is what you can do to not get into reaction and flustered as they are altering your peace, I mean you may not react outwardly with words or actions but internally you are reactive and resist or crawl in your skin with resistance.


The reaction is judgement, it is a resistance to that person’s expression, I’m talking about the little annoying things that can get to you, different if someone was intentionally trying to abuse or hurt you.


Switching into feeling your inner world as your soul’s emanation will fix this little problem (with some focus)…. you are a vibration radiating, the self is made of frequency….. Words are sound….. sound is frequency….


So the person, or child or dog or work collegue that is animating their vibration is in your space… their words are vibration, their sound is vibration…. start to see, feel and hear their sound as moving….


Take your attention to the sound and vibration of both of you, know that vibration moves and waves out of them, as well as you and everything else in your space such as nature and trees…..let their words, their sound wave glide hrough you and out of you….you will feel it hit you but you are intentionally recognising it and going aaahhh – there it is i’m going to let it flow through me, it touches your aura and instead of jumping back in intolerance or dislike, let it enter your aura and continue to pass through your body. Your soul is fluidic, become more fluid. The body and mind is more rigid.


Looking in this bird view from the soul’s eyes allows the person to be themselves; expression. It allows you to stay as you are taking focus to know that their words which is sound, which is a moving vibration can move through you and out, letting a flow occur.


Their annoying little behaviours are not getting stuck in you, so as their sound or your childrens’ fights or sound bellows of animals or machinery occurs, you can notice it immediately switch to see and feel the sound move through you, if you resist it, it will bounce off you, you are rejecting and judging it as you want to control the way they are expressing… sound and vibration carries emotions, this is their way of releasing it out of their body so that it’s not stuck either and in time they will get better at regulating and moving it out of them. If it’s a machinery noise it too will pass at some stage.


For people and children, you can still talk with them in a centred way to resolve it or shift out of it, but your not in reaction.


Also some people don’t say much, their words are in their head, the words are vibration, this too will be seeping out of them, radiating out of them and is the same as someone yelling it out, it still hits your vibration and starts to alter you unless you recognise it immediately and let it ride through and out of you as a stream/current of energy. If you look at it from the eyes of the body and mind you will react. Each time this happens you are able to alter the atmosphere by plugging into your own inner self and emanate your abundant energy keeping yours stable and large while it moves through you.


You will find that you will feel it hit your stomach (solar plexus) and glide out, you’ve allowed their expresssion, not controlled or resisted it, let it ride through you and out. Usually these annoying power plays resolve and if not, remove yourself as that is the only thing you can control or if it is right timing, speak to resolve.


Thoughts of the day, through the eyes of the soul.


Johnine x❤️


An enquiry of self discovery through the heart!

Who are you in this busy world?


As you ask this question your attention goes from outer to inner, opening into the inner world of your heart, vast and yet to be discovered fully.


Become more consciously awake to explore the inner landscape of self, journeying to feel more of who you are, a re-discovery and opening of the heart to receive more, the more you feel and know of self through merging into the Intuitive Heart Intelligence the more true lasting happiness and joy will stay with you, not to mention the golden magnetic flow effect you have on what you wish to funnel into your life.


Time….. distractions, obligations, jobs, life itself, challenges, they are necessary for growth in our world of polarity….but your Soul calls you to come home within, to remember who you are, the soft sound of his/her subtle existience asks you to open your heart to RECEIVE.


Your heart is meant to stay open, a flowing channel to Divine Consciousness, you are a navigator of consciousness with ability to ride the wave through the bumps of life, open your heart to receive…. the beginning of turning inward is a calling from your soul, you are pulled to reach in heartwards and upwards to your divine self.  Directly to your higher power, your potential and travel as your inner most essence up, up, up to your Soul Star.


A downpouring starts to occur, Divine Love washing over your mind, may your mind be touched with the cascade of pristine pure love of your soul…… a waterfall falling and flowing down through the mental mind field….. you are worthy to receive with no conditions, no expectations, nothing in return….. just be and allow.


You may feel resistant to receive as your Divine Flame of Consciousness (Divine Mind) has not been seen or recognised by another before….tucked so deeply away… light years away within the inner infinite galaxy of the heart. Yes, you have been met sexually, you have been met on personality level or you may have been met emotionally…. but not too many have met you through the divine flame – Divine Mind….. First it is best to meet yourself’s Divine Flame before another can truly see and meet you here in this space……


Yes, at birth your innocense, beauty, pure radiance was recognised, yet as you grew older this faded…. you could not feel the reflection mirroring back to you your deepest equisite self… you were not met or seen from close family, friends or relationships…. they could see you to a certain degree, but not truly see you your divinity within you.


Your divine flame of self the eternal flame and inner most soul self yearns to be recognised in all it’s power and greatness…… even if you say you don’t need this or want this coming from a protective reflex from the intellect, it is biologically and soulfully hardwired into our cells, infused with longing to be seen, loved and to love.


You are the jewell within our Divine Creator’s Consciousness and he a part of you, refracting a unique expression of light and love out into the world….


With not being seen in your fullness, you closed off your heart and retreated into your inner galaxy of the soul….the mindset of “less trust” developed, your mind galloped into the rescue to pick you up and look out for you, keep you safe, becoming the dictator or director reassuring you but through control, detail and needing to see rather then trust in the invisible soul presence from within the heart…. you closed off to the intuitive heart intelligence of the soul and the art of allowing to receive.


As you call in your soul, allow your mind to receive the flow, let the mind be bathed in pure flow of your power of love and light, hand over your mind, hand over your control to know in detail, let yourself receive from the heavens above to below white washing, soothing your nervous system from all the shock, life changes and Fight-or-Flight that we endure as humans in this busy and contrasting life.


Allow the divine to infuse, you feel yourself drop into yourself, unwinding another cog, dropping into the current of flow…. deeper trust, an opening of allowing & receiving. Your fears, doubts and the outer world fade away.


You are entranced by the Divine Jewell of light within – mesmerized by the feeling, gliding being pulled into your own heart with ease….moving through the cosmic ocean of consciousness deeper and deeper into the infinite chamber of the heart.


Awakening! A rising of your power from the core of your body, a whirlpool of power beginning to gather momentum from the heart of self, awareness spreading deeply from within to without….deeply opened in relaxation.


Your root of self begins to swirl in rhythm…. rising up the spine…. divine masculine descends and awakens you calling you to rise!…. pulling your consciousness upwards… waking sleeping beauty from her slumber – Kundalini Shakti….. igniting, crackling or fire sparks…. igniting your dormant evolutionary life force….. rising up the spine to the hara or womb – striking the entrance to the portal of cosmic creation, streaming your life force current of intelligence out into the infinite sea of primordial consciousness…. unfolding into self losing your body….. losing thought…. losing time…. time and space folding in on itself…. pure un-conditioned divine love….totally letting go to the unfoldment of soul discovery and becoming soul realized.


Through this sacred swirling portal of power….. riding the dragon into spacious, untouched love, direct highway to your soul star, navigating upwards…. up… up… up…up…. following your north star accessing waves of ecstatic bliss and pleasure… moving through your body within your inner orbit up the sushumna central channel…. your inner world lighting up… travelling at degrees of lightening speed… 50,000 km’s lighting speed….. 100,000 km’s lighting speed…. liberating and leaving behind the physical body, astral body, mental body, psychological body dropping off like a rocket drops it’s body as it ascends flying higher and higher…. 150,000 km light speed…. travelling up the ladder of consciousness.


Can it be in this lifetime to crack the code/matrix travelling at full capacity and potential of lighting speed of 300,000km?………


Breaking through the light barrier, breaking through the illusion of separation – death – fear – aloneness……. into encompassing omnipresent consciousness….. Shiva…..

Your soul is released from all energy bodies…. spirit is released from within no longer shackled….. aaaahhhhh catapulted into the realm of awareness of Lord God….. Divine Consciousness…… floating, suspended – home – heaven on earth within the chamber of your heart of hearts!


Namaste Johnine ❤️💎🙏🐉


Remembrance and Awakening the Soul!


Part of each person’s grand purpose is to remember who we are, not the body, not the emotions, not the thoughts or limiting beliefs, not the hazy smoke screen that we adapt or morph into by default.


If you’re not sure what it is you should be doing in life, and your’e pre-occuppied with the experiences of the body and 5 senses which are fine, but you are also feeling an emptiness and looking for that next hit to fill up your cup…. open an enquiry to re-discover you inner most part to your being.


This opening will be a direct link to your remembrance; your power and unshakeable true inner confidence of the Soul, your potential and all of the soul’s passions and desires that you came here to journey with and attain are wrapped up in the subtle super-consciousness of the Soul….

Try closing off to external to locate this essence which is right here in you now, you don’t have to travel anywhere in the world or go any place to access it, we all have it…. it is in the alone space….


In the space of alone where your attention and stream of consciousness is leaking outwards fragmented…. pull it inwards, cut off to external even for momentarily, to explore this magical place of Gold….


We fear the alone space, it is in this very isolated space that you will have no distractions, no way out, so you navigate through this gateway to locate and isolate your magnificence, beauty, power, fearlessness as only love and truth is in this space….


Create and make decisions from this space, honouring you foremost and everyone in your life will flourish from this….
Abundance of love and overflow will move through you and touch them as well as others….


Leading you on a path to true everlasting happiness, joy that is a constant flow… tapped in…. tuned in…. turned on…. lit up….. and an action taker making decisive choices from this abundant and loving power…


Remeberance of your Soul is all it takes. 1 step at a time re-building the connection that you always had from birth….awakening from slumber.


Take a stance and rise up! Out of fear, lack and worry into freedom!

Johnine x


How to harness your Sensitivity

Sensitivity aaahhhh !!!


I’m going to share my personal perception through higher clairvoyance and higher guidance on this subject.


Sensitivity is the soul’s emanation glowing out of your physical body. The mind and its filters had once encased your soul’s light and intelligence and kept it condensed and contracted; you did not FEEL as intensely as you do now.


As the soul awakens, ripens and evolves you become in touch or contact with this essence that you are, it’s consciousness and intelligence runs dual through your cells, body – the closer you get to the core of your being the highly more feeling and sensitive you will become, it is your refined beauty. Your Soul expands outward beyond the physical body going out meters and can even cover the town or during meditation expand out to the earth’s size, the universe and beyond……….


At certain points of your life you will unveil a layer of ego/barrier/filter and the soul will emanate through.

Once awakening happens the soul goes on a journey of unraveling and unfolding all that is not it’s true nature, layer after layer will dissolve or strip away, each time leaving you more exposed, more open, more vulnerable in as the Soul’s emanation is expanding,


The soul is not only unfolding on a journey to becoming soul realized, but it is also interconnected with each other person, being and soul here on this planet and other realms. As expansion occurs you are blending with others that are around you, that are in your inner circle and as your magnetic signal expands and strengthens you are tapping into the collective consciousness.


With the merging their thoughts and feelings run through you, their pain, their suffering, their anguish, fear and all that keeps them separated from their higher consciousness and divine love.


You are transmuting it for them, and in the merging as it crosses through your consciousness as quick as just one breath you drop in consciousness, you feel off, foggy, stomach pains, emotional pain, headaches, back pain, fear and the list goes on.


You have assisted them, relieved them on some sub-conscious level, allowed their consciousness to rise a fraction, this all occurs on a subliminal level. The highly sensitive people that are awakening on earth are here to transmute the lower frequencies of fear for our planet, a channel to heal.


Your Soul decided to do this before it came here, some people around the world at the moment are in a position to help others through donating money to help in poverty, some are helping as a humanitarian, some are helping with prevention of Child trafficking, abduction, domestic abuse etc.


The highly sensitive empaths are here working on the emotional, mental and psychological energy levels of humanity, all thoughts and all people are bonded by our life force intelligence right down to the molecular level.


This is powerful work of an empath as they are adjusting the frequency of others around them…. they are a transmitter of Divine Love frequency, and it is by expansion of consciousness that perception can change….. change from fear to love.


Lifting the nation, internationally, the whole of the earth grid and its occupants into the next level of awareness. It’s a powerful inside job of the Emapth…. the same as a humanitarian or the rich person with money that is helping at ground zero with providing resources such as food, proper water flowing, medical assistance and plumbing etc.


>> You have come here with a soul contract to know that the sensitivity of your soul is your gift back to humanity; everyone talks about if I could just give something or if I was in the position to do more I would….. you are already!


With every drop down in consciousness you have from transmuting, another soul transcends a fraction of their suffering and their vibration alters….. you are given a gateway in return to also fly higher in the inner realms of higher consciousness making your way back to Soul Union and full merging.


Where the pain is in your body, this is the exact place of where to presence into to claim your gift of power. So as you feel not good in your body there are tools to go within and presence and surrender to the body sensation, and go beyond it into the inner world travelling as consciousness (soul expansion) up to merging union with Soul Star.


In the beginning, it will feel like you have been exposed to ups and downs of moods and thoughts like a wave in the ocean, tossed around as you don’t know what is happening to you. These waves will continue to come and go but as you accept yourself as a soul with part of its purpose in its grand design to transmit divine love and to transmute and lift humanities consciousness as well as learn to dive with the drops and rise again through your gifted gateway into higher platforms of consciousness, you will understand your contribution in this world. Acceptance brings peace.


YOU MIGHT SAY I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS ROLE, I WANT TO GO BACK TO HOW I WAS BEFORE, because in the beginning it is vigorous, these changes and up grading in to refined sensitivity of the soul strip you back, all that you thought you were or the towers of the mind collapse and this can be a shock in itself, let alone transmuting everyone else’s lower frequencies.


Once the soul awakens it yearns to unfold and be known, it is an intelligence with an agenda that wants your full undivided attention, it is your friend, it is your confidant, it is your all of what you want in others in your external world and it will continue to unfold all of the un-Truths until you get to the heart of it’s brilliance, power of love and potential in which you may find that you will move into different passions and work even.


You are in a process of letting go of what you thought you are and your framework into whom you truly are….. resistance to this deep truth will cause you further pain. Again, ACCEPTANCE and SURRENDER (easy said than done, but that is all we have left)


These drops in consciousness only last minimally as you learn to navigate the emotional body, the mental body and the psychological energy body and into the new alignment of your Soul’s upper level it has expanded too.


It is vital once your sensitivity has been exposed and the soul emanates to align by attuning to your natural new platform of frequency each day. If you don’t, the gap between your true identity and your mind indentity will get bigger and you will experience pain in the body and the emotional body or the psychological body.


The reason why you also experience the pain in the body, mind or psychological self is each time you go to bed at night and wake up your soul has expanded consciousness, you wake and there is a new platform of consciousness you have travelled/expanded too. When you wake you have this great big bubble or pressure upon your head like your are far away and not here, foggy in the head and uncomfortable pain in the body.


The new awareness has not integrated and the flow has slowed right down. So it is up to the human to build its threads of light back up to the new platform, you won’t get there just sitting in the pain or the expansion or drifting empty expanse. You need to use your WILL through the Ajna to get your consciousness moving again. When you sit with yourself in the silence – your soul is moving towards its new upper level platform even if you can’t feel this, thoughts may come in and distract, so mastering how to hold focus and concentration is vital so that you can hold the silence for longer.


In the silence you are navigating towards soul attunement, now you can have an intent to put your WILL through the Ajna chakra and pitch your consciousness outward through the stream or invisible energy tunnel that leads direct to your soul.




If you haven’t made it to your upper platform and integrated and grounded in at this level, you would be dropped in frequency hanging out in the sea of consciousness of the emotional astral level of consciousness or the mental plane or the psychological plane of the mind……. then you will feel upside down, inside out, emotional, etc. and picking up on everyone around you = Double hit!


Strengthening your own soul’s frequency, by lifting and travelling to it through the ajna inside your body is vital, not out of the crown and out into the open of collective consciousness.


1. Master thoughts focus training – concentration – observance mind.

2. Travel inside your body through the ajna to your soul star.

3. The longer you sit in silence the attunement will occur going through the levels of the 5 energy bodies.

4. Purposely emanate and fill the room with your presence, activate heart and soul and flood it, that way you’re setting the frequency in the room, not you going into a room or venue and being dropped in frequency….. holding this emanation – staying close to the core of your soul as you interact with others

5. Aaaaahhhh find your platform by feeling, ground and expand outward putting your roots down here.

Now you are within your own inner orbit, strengthening your signal that you emit each day, directing your experience, noticing when energy is coming in from another, transmuting it quickly, and noticing when your own inner expansions occur and travelling through the dimensions of the 5 energy bodies to get to the higher outer level of spiritual golden consciousness = union = bliss = divine love = soul passions = purpose = soul realization.

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Namaste Johnine x


How to cancel out Struggle and lift into Abundance with a Diamond Mind

Do you want to know the Secret to going beyond Struggle and attract more Abundance

with a Clean Diamond Mind?

Hello everyone!

Lots of expansion happening for me and i love this as what i experience i can then share onto you.

I’m going to let you know right off the mark what the secret is to enhancing every aspect of your life ranging from Clarity, Harmony, Enhanced Health, Abundance & Prosperity emotionally and materially, Peace and tap into your Higher Potential.

It’s……. Cosmic Energy!

What is Cosmic Energy? I’m going to break it down in a way that you can feel what I’m expaining rather than use the universal word Meditation.


Cosmic Energy exists everywhere in the Cosmos, it is the substance that bonds the Galaxies, the stars, humans, the planets and molecules. It is the space between each and everything, it is the Life Force that keeps everything in order. It is the base of all our actions and functions, like seeing – hearing – speaking and all bodily functions. We receive some Cosmic Energy when we are deep sleep and total silence. We are using this Cosmic energy to do all of the above, but it is not enough to do all of these activities….. which leads us to mental, emotional and physical stress, exhaustion, tiredness & physical illnesses.


To overcome this we need to supply our body with more and more Cosmic Energy. Limited Cosmic Energy is occurs while we sleep. Great amounts is only achieved through deep silence within a meditative state.

Sleep is unconscious meditation; meditation is conscious sleep. Through transcending the body first, then the mind you are taking a journey towards oneself.
You must first still the movement of the body and feel comfortable, then the breath is your gateway to transcending the mind…. the breath becomes your master, we are all born to follow the master within, no need to have any external prompts to open this gateway, however a Teacher or Facilitator can accelerate your opening to yourself by pointing the way.


Your consciousness will travel from being limited or lets say identified in the body, to the mind in where you are becoming Observant of your breath…. human nature is to be observant….your consciousness will transcend the thoughts and a space is created…. your consciousness will then transcend into Higher Awareness as your breath settles within the Pineal Gland (Point of Light)…. You are now in meditative state with non thought.


In this state you will be under the shower of Cosmic Energy, the more you do the more Cosmic Energy you will receive…. this flows down into your energy body – also called the Etheric Body which forms or merges with 72,000 Nadi’s (energy tubes). The Energy body is the main design for all of our actions. We can receive Cosmic Energy through deep sleep and meditative silence by observing non thought.


When we have overload of thoughts this slows the amount of flow of Cosmic energy that flows through these Nadi’s, causing a depletion and patches of lack. The heavy flow of beautiful golden Cosmic Energy will clear these and light up the energy tubes. As this flow flushes through you may feel pain, jolts, stabbing pain, aches, numbness, headaches etc.


Through the flow of Cosmic Energy we are able to liberate ourselves from Physical, Emotional and Mental illnesses. Or where there has been damage at least for it not to worsen, perhaps getting better.  20 minutes of deep Cosmic Energy is likened to 6 hours deep sleep.


I’ve seen and directly felt this flow of Cosmic Energy and it can vary for each individual, it’s a beautiful golden river current, that which has a dancing intelligence of it’s own, you are connected to it and not separate from it…. The mind has this independance mechanism set up where by it puts blocks in trusting the unseen, so there could be some resistance that crops up as you open yourself to this beautiful liquid energy…. I suggest to allow it to melt through your mind like a waterfall, simply flowing through all parts of your brain and body…. beginning to feel comfortable with the unseen intelligence of Love.


Through this technique you will connect in with your Divine Mind and see that you are the Consciousness living within the body, not that you’re the body or the mind only. When we transcend the body and mind we receive abundant Cosmic Energy and reach Self Knowledge…..

Knowledge is experience, and from experience we gain Higher Wisdom through the 3rd eye, we can come to see that all that occurs to us is a happening; you’ll be able understand why these things are occuring to you for the purpose of your own Soul’s evolution… are able to witness the extentions of consciousness (the external material – the body – desires/attachments – the emotions – the mind – thought – Higher Consciousness) with each experience the 1000 petal lotus flower of illumination begins to open – one petal by one, opening the different dimensions to self, like an equisite multifaceted diamond – DIAMOND MIND!


To see, feel and hear from the higher functions of the Soul, you will be using the 3rd eye – Higher amounts of Cosmic Energy activates this sensory system…. Inner vision opens, worlds within worlds appear whereby you can use your Astral body to travel your consciousness to experience these Dimensions. You are able to access all answers to your questions through self enquiry, self actualisation and this expanded broader view. New perceptions will arise about what you think about this world that you live in, perhaps causing change bringing you to greater Love from your beingness within.


Once functioning in this Higher State of flow, this is the very thing that magnifies, generates and attracts Abundance and Prosperity, your electromagnetics are lit up, you can be felt from the Universe as you are interconnected and one with the Universe; you are funneling in a greater amount of Cosmic Energy which is the attraction of Love, Peace and Abundance. You’re embodying your true nature, this Golden emanation. This current of Life Force will wake up and shake up your ridgedness, structures in the mind are dissolved through this warm liquid current, giving way to expansive space for you to tap your power and potential – Soul desires. You are able to manifest and attract to you what you think and what you place your intent upon, a co-creator in this world aligned with working towards your Divine Purpose – to realise you are Higher Consciousness living in the body, that your expansion through challenges accelerates your evolutionary Soul Consciousness and then going into Super thriving mode and giving back to this world in your unique caring, healing way (which there are many ways).


This beautiful power that exists everywhere can be inhibited from free flow throughout our bodies and minds from stumbling blocks >> our thoughts, our beliefs that have been projected upon us in our living environments, T.V, Social Culture, our own beliefs, conditioning, fear, shame, guilt, anger, blame and much more. It is by allowing this flow to ride through your body to dissolve all false perceptions, ideals or ridgedness to be in your Glory.


If your finding life difficult or a struggle, then turn towards the inner dimension of self, call in this unlimited Cosmic Energy and you will not be dissapointed of the radical change that will bring Alignment; that will catapult you into the Highest Version of Love and Peace, not to mention abundance on what you want to create because your realise through your Diamond Mind that you’re not governed by limitations of the body and mind. The old patterns won’t exist anymore when you see from your Divine Self and know that you are inside your body and mind at the same time.

Take your struggles and turn them into challenges that you can rise to meet because you have this ample flow of power to back you. Rise and transcend and use the allie of your innate nature – Cosmic Consciousness to clear all resistances, filling up and fuelling your longing to live a better life effortlessly rather than with struggle and dis – ease!




Transforming Frustration During Soul Growth


Hello Soul friends,

I’m feeling much joy to be blogging to you all this long weekend to share with you some inner reflection and insight that may assist you to shift your minds focus from frustration to freedom during deep soul growth.

Do you ever get that dreaded feeling of frustration, anger or a stifling feeling that you are sinking instead of rising when you’re not in a full momentum swing towards the goal that you’ve set in place or an idea doesn’t come off in the way that your mind had planned it out or your current pathway and routine has changed to something you didn’t quite plan for?

I’ve been tested in this quite often over the last month, perhaps you have been too. I’ve noticed when you have a plan to reach a goal there are times when you are in full momentum and there are times when the tasks ahead have escaped you; whether that be that you have lost your creative flow or external factors have come up that require you attention fully. When you dip into the these times and you are left tired and have no time left in the day, a simmering frustration can come over you and you may feel like you’re fading into the walls, losing a part of yourself.

Through inner reflection I was shown to view our lives as a journey and not soley focus upon the achieving of specific destination points as the be all and end all.

You may be in the middle of large changes occuring in your external that are filling up your space, for instance that your family may need your time and assistance, you have work commitments, changed a job, your settling in from moving towns or homes, a change in relationships, a health problem or a death in the family. You also may be having large changes internally emotionally, either way this is a healing time, a great learning curve for you soul.

I was shown that if you still have that push and willfullness to continue with trying to achieve but there is no opening space to do so, you will cause a resistance between your reality of what is and your intellect. This will set off a discord of emotions such as angst, frustration, anger, self sabotage, self critism, a sense of failure and could lead into depression.

I was shown that when you eventually die and pass from this world your soul expands into a greater overseeing higher consciousness – time and space folds, there is no time…. there is only the timeless being fabricated of Divine Intelligence; that which is love, peace and wisdom. In this state of beingness there is no needing to get some where, there are no destination points to achieve, when you look back over your life you lived you will be not focused soley on what you achieved or didn’t achieve as this pertains to linear time, you will be feeling into the overall journey and essence of your consciousness in that space called time. You cannot take what you achieved into the subtle realm of where the Spirit lives.

It is the feelings, awareness and soul growth through the challenges mostly and through loving experiences that you will hold onto. Your loved ones will remember the love that you touched their heart with, not so  much on what you achieved. (Although they may talk about you and what you did do in this lifetime, but it is the how you touched others with your presence of beingness that they will most remember).

So when you are super challenged in this life and pulled out into the external it is for a reason of deep learning and deep healing. This is a time to be gracious to yourself and know that as time passes there will be an opening for you to begin in that full throttle capacity again. We cause the frustration and self sabotage because we are moving with our mind ahead of where the soul is at…. The soul has taken a pause and slowed you down, bringing you to a plateau of Self Awareness to know yourself and reach in deeply to connect with these hidden jewels of higher refined emotions such as Acceptance, Forgiveness, Truth, Inner Strength and Peace to name a few…. if you continue with the mind to achieve and do before the cycle has changed you may cause a depression or health problems originating in the nervous system….

We don’t like slowing down it is our human nature to do and what’s the next step…. One of our greatest challenges is to be…. slowing down the intellect, slowing down on the goals being achieved….. to be present with the people that you love, the new work, the new move to a town, the change in your relationship, or the healing journey of your health etc.

The space that you are in at the moment is where you are meant to be, if your space is filled up with the external situation (Soul Learning) you will be naturally slowing down on your personal goals but this brings the greatest gift of Presence…. the Soul’s Presence…. You are reaching into higher qualities of the Soul. If you have a resistance to being where you’re at you will be compounding the feelings further with anger and frustration sinking you into depression. If you also push too hard with the mind to keep doing and exhausting yourself you will come down with a thud emotionally or your health will suffer at some stage.

If you’re in a challenge at the moment know to look from the eyes of the Soul…. surrender to a small death while you are alive (death of the ego) by letting go of what the mind is desiring or expecting to happen (just while you are in the thick of the challenge), choose to let go of the confinement of TIME and putting pressure on yourself to be at a destination, choose to merge and be present in the space of NOW and view from your broader sense of timeless beingness;  it is the journey that counts and the people that your love, strength and presence touches.

This space of slowing down yet it may be full with other things will feel like your losing yourself, but it is the opposite, you are finding yourself, in the way that your Soul wishes you to find yourself; slowing down allows a deeper space to arrive and within this very space is Freedom from being bound by the confines of your mind, body and time – slipping through a veil of subtle thought to BE AS the everlasting eternal Awareness that you are. Sink into the Present moment of being.

This space of not doing is where the soul resides… the spaciousness…. the very things that are challenging you are assisting you to loosen your grip on logic, control, format, steps and sequences. Let go of expectation, ideas, or the way you wanted it to be…. In this powerful letting go more of your Soul’s Love is revealed to you and this is what will shine through as Power for you to ride the wave forward through that very challenge….into freedom!

In the right timing you will be able to set back into your personal goals and higher desires of the Soul with so much more attention and energy, this will be more effortless rather then draining and hard. Your Soul growth will have brought forward so much more wisdom and momentum of energy ready to fuel your passions, goals and dreams into fruition.

Love Johnine x





Hello and a warm welcome today!

Do you feel focused to get things done in your day and your body is coming in and slowing you down, scattering your focus and signalling pain to you?

On days like these it is best to make time for yourself to allow the transformtive healing to occur to bring you back into balance, less pain or to manage intense pain instead of pushing through the pain with your will power, the Will Power is our default mechanism, but a deeper transformational inner shift is awaiting you.

Your Spirit within is made of energy, our cells vibrate as energy consciousness and when we feel less pain we are more creative, thought inspired and tap into our higher power, when we have pain our light within is contracted and stifled by the current of emotions which runs dual to our Soul’s Presence. Your frequency drops into density slowing your body as it takes you down into the shadows of self to bring the abundance of the magnetic light back out into your life as expression.

When you have a sluggish day and your body has hit a pocket of resistance it will show in the body as pain or an ache, perhaps a headache or tightness in an area of your body. You may also feel a sluggish scattered unfocused frustrated feeling arise in your body….


Don’t see this as a set back but see this as an opportunity to dive more deeply into one’s inner dimension of self, as it is a world of polarity and as you go down… you will also in turn rise up to greater…. Navigate the strong communicative feelings in the Body and go a little deeper to the primal power of essence that you are; which is also interwined within the pain or the numb….


I’ve found a common pattern; that we get lost in the Pain Body and just stay within in that as that hurts, that’s painful, it’s sore, i can’t feel it etc. We stay in separation when lost in pain….Know that there is also a subtle dynamic at play…..


When you can take your breath, which is life force and intelligence and slowly bring it more deeply into the pain area you will find that you will resist, bounce off it or try to go around it or avoid it to escape the uncomfortable sensation…..


Increase your awareness as Divine Presence (life force – consciousness) to that area so that you can now feel the aliveness, the eternal breathing life force at the same time as the pain that is communing to you….. the pain is energy animated with feelings locked up within it, don’t try and figure it out, become observant and undress the pain to see it as a strong current of emotional charge >> then see and feel into your evelasting Presence wich is invisible and subtle and is here at the same time….


>> Now that you have two distinct vibrational movements energetically, place all your awareness, all your focus and all your one pointedness into the Power of Presence that resides within you….. let it grow and evelop the discorded vibration which is also a part of you… it wants to be held – bring it to the light of your Awareness….. it could feel bumpy or pushing away, but hold onto it and strongly envelop it more deeply, it wishes to be loved and held in the Divine arms of yourself….


As you sink in a little further and feel a sense of trust rise up within you, let yourself hold this for as long as you can with observant mind….. This act in itself is thinning the emotional body, the mental body and your sinking into greater ACCEPATANCE of your beingness….


You will feel your guard drop and as this thinning out of consciousness – which is thinning out over identification to the body or to thought memory or painful memories and emotions that are locked in the sub-conscious mind working through the body —— you will feel a great space start to appear…


You have brought love and presence to that part of you that wasn’t able to be seen or understood at the time things were said or done that were not so loving and were hurtful or judging…..


With this space created you have liberated yourself from being stuck only in the pain body… you have gone deeper to the subliminal undercurrent of Divine Higher Consciousness that you are….. Allow yourself to experience floating within or actually AS AWARENESS…… in this moment all of your precious power that you lossed in the painful event, memory, judgement, altercation, blame or circumstance comes flooding back into this empty space…..


It is drawing back into your heart space for you to feel more love, freedom, peace of mind…. becoming more integrated and whole which is our True nature…. Allow yourself to settle into your new magnetics by just being… Alot of the time we feel this empty space momentarily and it has a smoke screen of fear or aloneness or sadness masking the beauty within it… then we dislike the sensations and bounce away from it which is resistance… which is pain……


we don’t like it and we want to flee and fill it up with external stimulus… JUST BE IN YOUR BEINGNESS for an extra 5 or 10min and allow the Grace of Divine Beingness to filter into your consciousness, let love be.


Just know that every body’s pain is a communication to you and that you have the inner tools to navigate and find better health or balance or comfort by navigating these four layers….





The best part of you is only one breath away 🙂
Johnine xx


Grounding & Expanding your Soul’s Awareness

Hi Beautiful Soul!

Do you ever feel as though you are bogged down and scattered into fragments, everyone pulling on you or more to the point that you are allowing your self to get in the bad habit of pleasing others and what they are wanting of you?

Well this Meditation Video will be just right for you to pull your power back in from the external attachments that you have made or allowed to come into your space and frequency. I will show you how to come inward and disconnect from these strong pulling currents that keep you in an animated emotional turbulence, which distracts you from your true power and purpose.

First of all I’ll guide you through a breath technique to connect to your Soul’s consciousness, then you’ll view all the things that you have identified and leaked your power into, or placed an investment of love into these people or things and/or co-dependence relations. We’ll  go through a sequence of temporarily letting go of all connections energetically so that you can pull your power back in.


We’ll travel forward in time to our departure from this world and viewing from your Higher Consciousness whereby what you are currently worrying about seems to disappear, as you are in this high state of awareness you will not be worried about the payment default on your mortgage or even the loss of a car etc.

You will feel and tap into the underlying ever loving presence and support that has always been within you and surrounding you, you will free from the past and the future thoughts that run wild inside your head, as you will be in an expansion of your true nature…… Divine Love, non judgement, support, peace and comfort. You will have moved into operating from your Higher Mind of Intelligence, interconnected with all other Divine Intelligence bringing you back into Alignment, present moment and gratefulness of what you already have!


Enjoy the journey deep to the heart of your Soul!

Johnine x