The power of 1 pointed focus & intention


The power of 1 pointed focus & intention

Our thoughts create our reality…


Do you take note to what you think about each day?


When we have aprox. 72,000 thoughts per day, we have an opportunity to narrow our parameters into streamline focused thinking (intent). Random default thinking scatters your magnetic power to attract, your energetic power diverts into a broad band wavelength.


When you place your thoughts into focused intent you narrow in on what you want and it sends a signal out to the universe with the energetic force of power behind it… when energy is directed into images and feelings and also writing them out of your head onto paper or computer of what you are wanting to create in your life, you are stating to the universe a signal of what you exactly desire.


If your desire is coming from the soul it will have an even stronger momentum behind it.


Are you putting your whole self into the reality you want to create?…


Everything that ever exists in this world first exists in the higher plane of consciousness.. the energetic thought field of creation.



As you immerse yourself each day with images and feelings as though they are real right now, and say 50,000 thoughts for example you are creating a momentum.


You are hanging out in the realm of unmanifest where it all begins, as you get familiar with this new way to pitch your mind and where to hang out, there is a natural descending or fishing line that energetically pulls in your direct focused stream of consciousness back into reality…. especially if it is a desire of the soul, you will have even more power behind it coming into physical reality.


Your sub-conscious mind does not differentiate between what you see in front of you physcially and what is coming from within your mind – your inner world – higher plane of thought consciousness…


If you want to become a creator and change your life, direct your thoughts pitching them up into the grid of creation where the unmanifest can be felt and embodied and in the right timing through you placing ACTION each day towards that goal, dream, desire you will open up a space to allow it into your physical reality.


Life is waiting for you to step up, put the disciplined focused thoughts, feelings and images into a large amount of you day.


Whatever the goal, take action each day, create a rythm of consistancy, swirl up into the abundance grid of creation, put the narrow focus of your power of thoughts onto your exact specific thing you want to have or experience.



Just like how the elite athletes become top of their sporting careers, it is constancy of effort, focus creating rythm, focus, ACTION = results, achievment & success!
They were just doing what they love everyday, day in day out… and then they without knowing it they slipped into their dream – manifesting into reality.


You may need to look at what doesn’t fuel your deeper purpose, business, life work or soul desire and let go of them.
Letting go allows you to make room for aligning to people, places, things and new opportunities that do support & align with your focal point.


When your attention goes into many diverted avenues that hasn’t got anything to do with your creation that you are focusing on, it will scatter your focus…
Draining your fuel that is needed to keep driving you into one pointed accomplishment of your exact goal.


Become the director of your life – creator – action taker –
Kick out of the plateau you are in and start a new day with focused soul driven thoughts…. monitor your thoughts, become laser focused and watch your dreams manifest!

Johnine x

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