To express yourself fully.


To express yourself fully.

To just be! Fully in your being!


No filters guarding the uniqueness of your self. How would this feel?


Can you take your mind to what it would feel like to not filter yourself or modify yourself in anyway? Wow, liberating…. Free!


It may feel bit different to begin with… but we used to be free as children… in the moment coming from within to without.


The biggest challenge we all have is that we worry what the other person may react, say, judge, expect, sway you or put you down. We start to please others and the outer to feel validated.

We used to have a harmony between our being and receiving from our deep inner soul self and letting it flow through the mind, out through our voice and actions out into the world.


Through conditioning and societal expectations and projections we lost our flow of unique expression that is meant to come through unhindered. These filters cover the mind and heart to hide or keep safe that precious part to ourselves and our truth.


What if you started to take a risk… and back yourself…. tune only to yourself, even if you can’t feel her/him yet, to make a stance to start to turn towards self and in this very action you will begin to de armour the filters one by one…. turning inwards lifts your frequency as you are blending with your soul self… as you lift vibration the fear or filter drops off, dissolves. So just doing this action for 10min a day will be reversing your awareness to tune to and allow your true self to start to flow…. even if you think oh, this i just peaceful and still and this is not doing much as you sit within self… It actually is.


The dizziness and cloudy feeling you sometimes get and the sensory spacey body sensations around the head area is your soul’s truth and radiance trying to flow…. the filter is stopping it or backlogging the flow….


You can balance this to a degree by letting the abundance energy which is your soul’s resonance to enter into your body, particulary the right side of your brain… and feel it travel across to the left side of your brain. Bringing creative soul access from right brain to logic, action and WILL of left brain.


Starting to reinforce the harmony between your creative potential, unique expression and the mind where action and expression of your Soul’s WILL can come through.


Balancing of the right and left hemispheres of the brain allows a greater amount of self to come through in harmony… you will feel resistance as your divine intelligence glides through this pathway digging up all that filters that hold you back…. let it flow through and see a steady platform evenly energetically moving betwen your inner mind.


This invitation will let you be able to embody and FEEL yourself, your magnetic flow of life force merging with the mind.


This power will soothe you to be! As you are right in the centre of your being flowing> you’ve given yourself permission to go beyond the BS of filters of the mind.


The challenge is letting this love, intelligence, creative flow, power, potential to cross the stream of consciousness of the mind, there has been a war between the mind and intuitive being…. the mind was dictating and directing the show run by the sub-conscious programs that are outdated.  This new pathway is like a bridge to allow the divine WILL to flow and enter your body giving you that true instinctual FEELING of empowerment, confidence and joy.


Take a step forward today by setting up your bridge and channel of flow and invite the flow of expression. You won’t look back!


Your soul longs for fuller expression unhindered; be your best friend and back yourself no longer pleasing others on the outside and letting your power leak. Take your power back and just be totally in your own inner orbit.


These embodiment practices and opening of your energy pathways within your body are a part of my upcoming online 6 week course.


Copy and paste this link to read mainly the newsletter about the upcoming course.

Johnine 🙂

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