Thoughts of the day through the eyes of the soul.


Thoughts of the day through the eyes of the soul.

Hi everyone ❤️


How do you cope when there is annoying things, sounds or words that aren’t pleasant going on around you?


Like maybe it’s people moaning about something, or maybe your children are arguing sorting out their pecking order, or maybe it’s your dog barking, or perhaps someone at your work place that you have to listen too because they are right in your space and you need to keep working is getting to you.


Well this is what you can do to not get into reaction and flustered as they are altering your peace, I mean you may not react outwardly with words or actions but internally you are reactive and resist or crawl in your skin with resistance.


The reaction is judgement, it is a resistance to that person’s expression, I’m talking about the little annoying things that can get to you, different if someone was intentionally trying to abuse or hurt you.


Switching into feeling your inner world as your soul’s emanation will fix this little problem (with some focus)…. you are a vibration radiating, the self is made of frequency….. Words are sound….. sound is frequency….


So the person, or child or dog or work collegue that is animating their vibration is in your space… their words are vibration, their sound is vibration…. start to see, feel and hear their sound as moving….


Take your attention to the sound and vibration of both of you, know that vibration moves and waves out of them, as well as you and everything else in your space such as nature and trees…..let their words, their sound wave glide hrough you and out of you….you will feel it hit you but you are intentionally recognising it and going aaahhh – there it is i’m going to let it flow through me, it touches your aura and instead of jumping back in intolerance or dislike, let it enter your aura and continue to pass through your body. Your soul is fluidic, become more fluid. The body and mind is more rigid.


Looking in this bird view from the soul’s eyes allows the person to be themselves; expression. It allows you to stay as you are taking focus to know that their words which is sound, which is a moving vibration can move through you and out, letting a flow occur.


Their annoying little behaviours are not getting stuck in you, so as their sound or your childrens’ fights or sound bellows of animals or machinery occurs, you can notice it immediately switch to see and feel the sound move through you, if you resist it, it will bounce off you, you are rejecting and judging it as you want to control the way they are expressing… sound and vibration carries emotions, this is their way of releasing it out of their body so that it’s not stuck either and in time they will get better at regulating and moving it out of them. If it’s a machinery noise it too will pass at some stage.


For people and children, you can still talk with them in a centred way to resolve it or shift out of it, but your not in reaction.


Also some people don’t say much, their words are in their head, the words are vibration, this too will be seeping out of them, radiating out of them and is the same as someone yelling it out, it still hits your vibration and starts to alter you unless you recognise it immediately and let it ride through and out of you as a stream/current of energy. If you look at it from the eyes of the body and mind you will react. Each time this happens you are able to alter the atmosphere by plugging into your own inner self and emanate your abundant energy keeping yours stable and large while it moves through you.


You will find that you will feel it hit your stomach (solar plexus) and glide out, you’ve allowed their expresssion, not controlled or resisted it, let it ride through you and out. Usually these annoying power plays resolve and if not, remove yourself as that is the only thing you can control or if it is right timing, speak to resolve.


Thoughts of the day, through the eyes of the soul.


Johnine x❤️

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