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Remembrance and Awakening the Soul!


Part of each person’s grand purpose is to remember who we are, not the body, not the emotions, not the thoughts or limiting beliefs, not the hazy smoke screen that we adapt or morph into by default.


If you’re not sure what it is you should be doing in life, and your’e pre-occuppied with the experiences of the body and 5 senses which are fine, but you are also feeling an emptiness and looking for that next hit to fill up your cup…. open an enquiry to re-discover you inner most part to your being.


This opening will be a direct link to your remembrance; your power and unshakeable true inner confidence of the Soul, your potential and all of the soul’s passions and desires that you came here to journey with and attain are wrapped up in the subtle super-consciousness of the Soul….

Try closing off to external to locate this essence which is right here in you now, you don’t have to travel anywhere in the world or go any place to access it, we all have it…. it is in the alone space….


In the space of alone where your attention and stream of consciousness is leaking outwards fragmented…. pull it inwards, cut off to external even for momentarily, to explore this magical place of Gold….


We fear the alone space, it is in this very isolated space that you will have no distractions, no way out, so you navigate through this gateway to locate and isolate your magnificence, beauty, power, fearlessness as only love and truth is in this space….


Create and make decisions from this space, honouring you foremost and everyone in your life will flourish from this….
Abundance of love and overflow will move through you and touch them as well as others….


Leading you on a path to true everlasting happiness, joy that is a constant flow… tapped in…. tuned in…. turned on…. lit up….. and an action taker making decisive choices from this abundant and loving power…


Remeberance of your Soul is all it takes. 1 step at a time re-building the connection that you always had from birth….awakening from slumber.


Take a stance and rise up! Out of fear, lack and worry into freedom!

Johnine x


How to harness your Sensitivity

Sensitivity aaahhhh !!!


I’m going to share my personal perception through higher clairvoyance and higher guidance on this subject.


Sensitivity is the soul’s emanation glowing out of your physical body. The mind and its filters had once encased your soul’s light and intelligence and kept it condensed and contracted; you did not FEEL as intensely as you do now.


As the soul awakens, ripens and evolves you become in touch or contact with this essence that you are, it’s consciousness and intelligence runs dual through your cells, body – the closer you get to the core of your being the highly more feeling and sensitive you will become, it is your refined beauty. Your Soul expands outward beyond the physical body going out meters and can even cover the town or during meditation expand out to the earth’s size, the universe and beyond……….


At certain points of your life you will unveil a layer of ego/barrier/filter and the soul will emanate through.

Once awakening happens the soul goes on a journey of unraveling and unfolding all that is not it’s true nature, layer after layer will dissolve or strip away, each time leaving you more exposed, more open, more vulnerable in as the Soul’s emanation is expanding,


The soul is not only unfolding on a journey to becoming soul realized, but it is also interconnected with each other person, being and soul here on this planet and other realms. As expansion occurs you are blending with others that are around you, that are in your inner circle and as your magnetic signal expands and strengthens you are tapping into the collective consciousness.


With the merging their thoughts and feelings run through you, their pain, their suffering, their anguish, fear and all that keeps them separated from their higher consciousness and divine love.


You are transmuting it for them, and in the merging as it crosses through your consciousness as quick as just one breath you drop in consciousness, you feel off, foggy, stomach pains, emotional pain, headaches, back pain, fear and the list goes on.


You have assisted them, relieved them on some sub-conscious level, allowed their consciousness to rise a fraction, this all occurs on a subliminal level. The highly sensitive people that are awakening on earth are here to transmute the lower frequencies of fear for our planet, a channel to heal.


Your Soul decided to do this before it came here, some people around the world at the moment are in a position to help others through donating money to help in poverty, some are helping as a humanitarian, some are helping with prevention of Child trafficking, abduction, domestic abuse etc.


The highly sensitive empaths are here working on the emotional, mental and psychological energy levels of humanity, all thoughts and all people are bonded by our life force intelligence right down to the molecular level.


This is powerful work of an empath as they are adjusting the frequency of others around them…. they are a transmitter of Divine Love frequency, and it is by expansion of consciousness that perception can change….. change from fear to love.


Lifting the nation, internationally, the whole of the earth grid and its occupants into the next level of awareness. It’s a powerful inside job of the Emapth…. the same as a humanitarian or the rich person with money that is helping at ground zero with providing resources such as food, proper water flowing, medical assistance and plumbing etc.


>> You have come here with a soul contract to know that the sensitivity of your soul is your gift back to humanity; everyone talks about if I could just give something or if I was in the position to do more I would….. you are already!


With every drop down in consciousness you have from transmuting, another soul transcends a fraction of their suffering and their vibration alters….. you are given a gateway in return to also fly higher in the inner realms of higher consciousness making your way back to Soul Union and full merging.


Where the pain is in your body, this is the exact place of where to presence into to claim your gift of power. So as you feel not good in your body there are tools to go within and presence and surrender to the body sensation, and go beyond it into the inner world travelling as consciousness (soul expansion) up to merging union with Soul Star.


In the beginning, it will feel like you have been exposed to ups and downs of moods and thoughts like a wave in the ocean, tossed around as you don’t know what is happening to you. These waves will continue to come and go but as you accept yourself as a soul with part of its purpose in its grand design to transmit divine love and to transmute and lift humanities consciousness as well as learn to dive with the drops and rise again through your gifted gateway into higher platforms of consciousness, you will understand your contribution in this world. Acceptance brings peace.


YOU MIGHT SAY I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS ROLE, I WANT TO GO BACK TO HOW I WAS BEFORE, because in the beginning it is vigorous, these changes and up grading in to refined sensitivity of the soul strip you back, all that you thought you were or the towers of the mind collapse and this can be a shock in itself, let alone transmuting everyone else’s lower frequencies.


Once the soul awakens it yearns to unfold and be known, it is an intelligence with an agenda that wants your full undivided attention, it is your friend, it is your confidant, it is your all of what you want in others in your external world and it will continue to unfold all of the un-Truths until you get to the heart of it’s brilliance, power of love and potential in which you may find that you will move into different passions and work even.


You are in a process of letting go of what you thought you are and your framework into whom you truly are….. resistance to this deep truth will cause you further pain. Again, ACCEPTANCE and SURRENDER (easy said than done, but that is all we have left)


These drops in consciousness only last minimally as you learn to navigate the emotional body, the mental body and the psychological energy body and into the new alignment of your Soul’s upper level it has expanded too.


It is vital once your sensitivity has been exposed and the soul emanates to align by attuning to your natural new platform of frequency each day. If you don’t, the gap between your true identity and your mind indentity will get bigger and you will experience pain in the body and the emotional body or the psychological body.


The reason why you also experience the pain in the body, mind or psychological self is each time you go to bed at night and wake up your soul has expanded consciousness, you wake and there is a new platform of consciousness you have travelled/expanded too. When you wake you have this great big bubble or pressure upon your head like your are far away and not here, foggy in the head and uncomfortable pain in the body.


The new awareness has not integrated and the flow has slowed right down. So it is up to the human to build its threads of light back up to the new platform, you won’t get there just sitting in the pain or the expansion or drifting empty expanse. You need to use your WILL through the Ajna to get your consciousness moving again. When you sit with yourself in the silence – your soul is moving towards its new upper level platform even if you can’t feel this, thoughts may come in and distract, so mastering how to hold focus and concentration is vital so that you can hold the silence for longer.


In the silence you are navigating towards soul attunement, now you can have an intent to put your WILL through the Ajna chakra and pitch your consciousness outward through the stream or invisible energy tunnel that leads direct to your soul.




If you haven’t made it to your upper platform and integrated and grounded in at this level, you would be dropped in frequency hanging out in the sea of consciousness of the emotional astral level of consciousness or the mental plane or the psychological plane of the mind……. then you will feel upside down, inside out, emotional, etc. and picking up on everyone around you = Double hit!


Strengthening your own soul’s frequency, by lifting and travelling to it through the ajna inside your body is vital, not out of the crown and out into the open of collective consciousness.


1. Master thoughts focus training – concentration – observance mind.

2. Travel inside your body through the ajna to your soul star.

3. The longer you sit in silence the attunement will occur going through the levels of the 5 energy bodies.

4. Purposely emanate and fill the room with your presence, activate heart and soul and flood it, that way you’re setting the frequency in the room, not you going into a room or venue and being dropped in frequency….. holding this emanation – staying close to the core of your soul as you interact with others

5. Aaaaahhhh find your platform by feeling, ground and expand outward putting your roots down here.

Now you are within your own inner orbit, strengthening your signal that you emit each day, directing your experience, noticing when energy is coming in from another, transmuting it quickly, and noticing when your own inner expansions occur and travelling through the dimensions of the 5 energy bodies to get to the higher outer level of spiritual golden consciousness = union = bliss = divine love = soul passions = purpose = soul realization.

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Namaste Johnine x