How to cancel out Struggle and lift into Abundance with a Diamond Mind


How to cancel out Struggle and lift into Abundance with a Diamond Mind

Do you want to know the Secret to going beyond Struggle and attract more Abundance

with a Clean Diamond Mind?

Hello everyone!

Lots of expansion happening for me and i love this as what i experience i can then share onto you.

I’m going to let you know right off the mark what the secret is to enhancing every aspect of your life ranging from Clarity, Harmony, Enhanced Health, Abundance & Prosperity emotionally and materially, Peace and tap into your Higher Potential.

It’s……. Cosmic Energy!

What is Cosmic Energy? I’m going to break it down in a way that you can feel what I’m expaining rather than use the universal word Meditation.


Cosmic Energy exists everywhere in the Cosmos, it is the substance that bonds the Galaxies, the stars, humans, the planets and molecules. It is the space between each and everything, it is the Life Force that keeps everything in order. It is the base of all our actions and functions, like seeing – hearing – speaking and all bodily functions. We receive some Cosmic Energy when we are deep sleep and total silence. We are using this Cosmic energy to do all of the above, but it is not enough to do all of these activities….. which leads us to mental, emotional and physical stress, exhaustion, tiredness & physical illnesses.


To overcome this we need to supply our body with more and more Cosmic Energy. Limited Cosmic Energy is occurs while we sleep. Great amounts is only achieved through deep silence within a meditative state.

Sleep is unconscious meditation; meditation is conscious sleep. Through transcending the body first, then the mind you are taking a journey towards oneself.
You must first still the movement of the body and feel comfortable, then the breath is your gateway to transcending the mind…. the breath becomes your master, we are all born to follow the master within, no need to have any external prompts to open this gateway, however a Teacher or Facilitator can accelerate your opening to yourself by pointing the way.


Your consciousness will travel from being limited or lets say identified in the body, to the mind in where you are becoming Observant of your breath…. human nature is to be observant….your consciousness will transcend the thoughts and a space is created…. your consciousness will then transcend into Higher Awareness as your breath settles within the Pineal Gland (Point of Light)…. You are now in meditative state with non thought.


In this state you will be under the shower of Cosmic Energy, the more you do the more Cosmic Energy you will receive…. this flows down into your energy body – also called the Etheric Body which forms or merges with 72,000 Nadi’s (energy tubes). The Energy body is the main design for all of our actions. We can receive Cosmic Energy through deep sleep and meditative silence by observing non thought.


When we have overload of thoughts this slows the amount of flow of Cosmic energy that flows through these Nadi’s, causing a depletion and patches of lack. The heavy flow of beautiful golden Cosmic Energy will clear these and light up the energy tubes. As this flow flushes through you may feel pain, jolts, stabbing pain, aches, numbness, headaches etc.


Through the flow of Cosmic Energy we are able to liberate ourselves from Physical, Emotional and Mental illnesses. Or where there has been damage at least for it not to worsen, perhaps getting better.  20 minutes of deep Cosmic Energy is likened to 6 hours deep sleep.


I’ve seen and directly felt this flow of Cosmic Energy and it can vary for each individual, it’s a beautiful golden river current, that which has a dancing intelligence of it’s own, you are connected to it and not separate from it…. The mind has this independance mechanism set up where by it puts blocks in trusting the unseen, so there could be some resistance that crops up as you open yourself to this beautiful liquid energy…. I suggest to allow it to melt through your mind like a waterfall, simply flowing through all parts of your brain and body…. beginning to feel comfortable with the unseen intelligence of Love.


Through this technique you will connect in with your Divine Mind and see that you are the Consciousness living within the body, not that you’re the body or the mind only. When we transcend the body and mind we receive abundant Cosmic Energy and reach Self Knowledge…..

Knowledge is experience, and from experience we gain Higher Wisdom through the 3rd eye, we can come to see that all that occurs to us is a happening; you’ll be able understand why these things are occuring to you for the purpose of your own Soul’s evolution… are able to witness the extentions of consciousness (the external material – the body – desires/attachments – the emotions – the mind – thought – Higher Consciousness) with each experience the 1000 petal lotus flower of illumination begins to open – one petal by one, opening the different dimensions to self, like an equisite multifaceted diamond – DIAMOND MIND!


To see, feel and hear from the higher functions of the Soul, you will be using the 3rd eye – Higher amounts of Cosmic Energy activates this sensory system…. Inner vision opens, worlds within worlds appear whereby you can use your Astral body to travel your consciousness to experience these Dimensions. You are able to access all answers to your questions through self enquiry, self actualisation and this expanded broader view. New perceptions will arise about what you think about this world that you live in, perhaps causing change bringing you to greater Love from your beingness within.


Once functioning in this Higher State of flow, this is the very thing that magnifies, generates and attracts Abundance and Prosperity, your electromagnetics are lit up, you can be felt from the Universe as you are interconnected and one with the Universe; you are funneling in a greater amount of Cosmic Energy which is the attraction of Love, Peace and Abundance. You’re embodying your true nature, this Golden emanation. This current of Life Force will wake up and shake up your ridgedness, structures in the mind are dissolved through this warm liquid current, giving way to expansive space for you to tap your power and potential – Soul desires. You are able to manifest and attract to you what you think and what you place your intent upon, a co-creator in this world aligned with working towards your Divine Purpose – to realise you are Higher Consciousness living in the body, that your expansion through challenges accelerates your evolutionary Soul Consciousness and then going into Super thriving mode and giving back to this world in your unique caring, healing way (which there are many ways).


This beautiful power that exists everywhere can be inhibited from free flow throughout our bodies and minds from stumbling blocks >> our thoughts, our beliefs that have been projected upon us in our living environments, T.V, Social Culture, our own beliefs, conditioning, fear, shame, guilt, anger, blame and much more. It is by allowing this flow to ride through your body to dissolve all false perceptions, ideals or ridgedness to be in your Glory.


If your finding life difficult or a struggle, then turn towards the inner dimension of self, call in this unlimited Cosmic Energy and you will not be dissapointed of the radical change that will bring Alignment; that will catapult you into the Highest Version of Love and Peace, not to mention abundance on what you want to create because your realise through your Diamond Mind that you’re not governed by limitations of the body and mind. The old patterns won’t exist anymore when you see from your Divine Self and know that you are inside your body and mind at the same time.

Take your struggles and turn them into challenges that you can rise to meet because you have this ample flow of power to back you. Rise and transcend and use the allie of your innate nature – Cosmic Consciousness to clear all resistances, filling up and fuelling your longing to live a better life effortlessly rather than with struggle and dis – ease!



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