Transforming Frustration During Soul Growth


Transforming Frustration During Soul Growth


Hello Soul friends,

I’m feeling much joy to be blogging to you all this long weekend to share with you some inner reflection and insight that may assist you to shift your minds focus from frustration to freedom during deep soul growth.

Do you ever get that dreaded feeling of frustration, anger or a stifling feeling that you are sinking instead of rising when you’re not in a full momentum swing towards the goal that you’ve set in place or an idea doesn’t come off in the way that your mind had planned it out or your current pathway and routine has changed to something you didn’t quite plan for?

I’ve been tested in this quite often over the last month, perhaps you have been too. I’ve noticed when you have a plan to reach a goal there are times when you are in full momentum and there are times when the tasks ahead have escaped you; whether that be that you have lost your creative flow or external factors have come up that require you attention fully. When you dip into the these times and you are left tired and have no time left in the day, a simmering frustration can come over you and you may feel like you’re fading into the walls, losing a part of yourself.

Through inner reflection I was shown to view our lives as a journey and not soley focus upon the achieving of specific destination points as the be all and end all.

You may be in the middle of large changes occuring in your external that are filling up your space, for instance that your family may need your time and assistance, you have work commitments, changed a job, your settling in from moving towns or homes, a change in relationships, a health problem or a death in the family. You also may be having large changes internally emotionally, either way this is a healing time, a great learning curve for you soul.

I was shown that if you still have that push and willfullness to continue with trying to achieve but there is no opening space to do so, you will cause a resistance between your reality of what is and your intellect. This will set off a discord of emotions such as angst, frustration, anger, self sabotage, self critism, a sense of failure and could lead into depression.

I was shown that when you eventually die and pass from this world your soul expands into a greater overseeing higher consciousness – time and space folds, there is no time…. there is only the timeless being fabricated of Divine Intelligence; that which is love, peace and wisdom. In this state of beingness there is no needing to get some where, there are no destination points to achieve, when you look back over your life you lived you will be not focused soley on what you achieved or didn’t achieve as this pertains to linear time, you will be feeling into the overall journey and essence of your consciousness in that space called time. You cannot take what you achieved into the subtle realm of where the Spirit lives.

It is the feelings, awareness and soul growth through the challenges mostly and through loving experiences that you will hold onto. Your loved ones will remember the love that you touched their heart with, not so  much on what you achieved. (Although they may talk about you and what you did do in this lifetime, but it is the how you touched others with your presence of beingness that they will most remember).

So when you are super challenged in this life and pulled out into the external it is for a reason of deep learning and deep healing. This is a time to be gracious to yourself and know that as time passes there will be an opening for you to begin in that full throttle capacity again. We cause the frustration and self sabotage because we are moving with our mind ahead of where the soul is at…. The soul has taken a pause and slowed you down, bringing you to a plateau of Self Awareness to know yourself and reach in deeply to connect with these hidden jewels of higher refined emotions such as Acceptance, Forgiveness, Truth, Inner Strength and Peace to name a few…. if you continue with the mind to achieve and do before the cycle has changed you may cause a depression or health problems originating in the nervous system….

We don’t like slowing down it is our human nature to do and what’s the next step…. One of our greatest challenges is to be…. slowing down the intellect, slowing down on the goals being achieved….. to be present with the people that you love, the new work, the new move to a town, the change in your relationship, or the healing journey of your health etc.

The space that you are in at the moment is where you are meant to be, if your space is filled up with the external situation (Soul Learning) you will be naturally slowing down on your personal goals but this brings the greatest gift of Presence…. the Soul’s Presence…. You are reaching into higher qualities of the Soul. If you have a resistance to being where you’re at you will be compounding the feelings further with anger and frustration sinking you into depression. If you also push too hard with the mind to keep doing and exhausting yourself you will come down with a thud emotionally or your health will suffer at some stage.

If you’re in a challenge at the moment know to look from the eyes of the Soul…. surrender to a small death while you are alive (death of the ego) by letting go of what the mind is desiring or expecting to happen (just while you are in the thick of the challenge), choose to let go of the confinement of TIME and putting pressure on yourself to be at a destination, choose to merge and be present in the space of NOW and view from your broader sense of timeless beingness;  it is the journey that counts and the people that your love, strength and presence touches.

This space of slowing down yet it may be full with other things will feel like your losing yourself, but it is the opposite, you are finding yourself, in the way that your Soul wishes you to find yourself; slowing down allows a deeper space to arrive and within this very space is Freedom from being bound by the confines of your mind, body and time – slipping through a veil of subtle thought to BE AS the everlasting eternal Awareness that you are. Sink into the Present moment of being.

This space of not doing is where the soul resides… the spaciousness…. the very things that are challenging you are assisting you to loosen your grip on logic, control, format, steps and sequences. Let go of expectation, ideas, or the way you wanted it to be…. In this powerful letting go more of your Soul’s Love is revealed to you and this is what will shine through as Power for you to ride the wave forward through that very challenge….into freedom!

In the right timing you will be able to set back into your personal goals and higher desires of the Soul with so much more attention and energy, this will be more effortless rather then draining and hard. Your Soul growth will have brought forward so much more wisdom and momentum of energy ready to fuel your passions, goals and dreams into fruition.

Love Johnine x


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