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Do you feel focused to get things done in your day and your body is coming in and slowing you down, scattering your focus and signalling pain to you?

On days like these it is best to make time for yourself to allow the transformtive healing to occur to bring you back into balance, less pain or to manage intense pain instead of pushing through the pain with your will power, the Will Power is our default mechanism, but a deeper transformational inner shift is awaiting you.

Your Spirit within is made of energy, our cells vibrate as energy consciousness and when we feel less pain we are more creative, thought inspired and tap into our higher power, when we have pain our light within is contracted and stifled by the current of emotions which runs dual to our Soul’s Presence. Your frequency drops into density slowing your body as it takes you down into the shadows of self to bring the abundance of the magnetic light back out into your life as expression.

When you have a sluggish day and your body has hit a pocket of resistance it will show in the body as pain or an ache, perhaps a headache or tightness in an area of your body. You may also feel a sluggish scattered unfocused frustrated feeling arise in your body….


Don’t see this as a set back but see this as an opportunity to dive more deeply into one’s inner dimension of self, as it is a world of polarity and as you go down… you will also in turn rise up to greater…. Navigate the strong communicative feelings in the Body and go a little deeper to the primal power of essence that you are; which is also interwined within the pain or the numb….


I’ve found a common pattern; that we get lost in the Pain Body and just stay within in that as that hurts, that’s painful, it’s sore, i can’t feel it etc. We stay in separation when lost in pain….Know that there is also a subtle dynamic at play…..


When you can take your breath, which is life force and intelligence and slowly bring it more deeply into the pain area you will find that you will resist, bounce off it or try to go around it or avoid it to escape the uncomfortable sensation…..


Increase your awareness as Divine Presence (life force – consciousness) to that area so that you can now feel the aliveness, the eternal breathing life force at the same time as the pain that is communing to you….. the pain is energy animated with feelings locked up within it, don’t try and figure it out, become observant and undress the pain to see it as a strong current of emotional charge >> then see and feel into your evelasting Presence wich is invisible and subtle and is here at the same time….


>> Now that you have two distinct vibrational movements energetically, place all your awareness, all your focus and all your one pointedness into the Power of Presence that resides within you….. let it grow and evelop the discorded vibration which is also a part of you… it wants to be held – bring it to the light of your Awareness….. it could feel bumpy or pushing away, but hold onto it and strongly envelop it more deeply, it wishes to be loved and held in the Divine arms of yourself….


As you sink in a little further and feel a sense of trust rise up within you, let yourself hold this for as long as you can with observant mind….. This act in itself is thinning the emotional body, the mental body and your sinking into greater ACCEPATANCE of your beingness….


You will feel your guard drop and as this thinning out of consciousness – which is thinning out over identification to the body or to thought memory or painful memories and emotions that are locked in the sub-conscious mind working through the body —— you will feel a great space start to appear…


You have brought love and presence to that part of you that wasn’t able to be seen or understood at the time things were said or done that were not so loving and were hurtful or judging…..


With this space created you have liberated yourself from being stuck only in the pain body… you have gone deeper to the subliminal undercurrent of Divine Higher Consciousness that you are….. Allow yourself to experience floating within or actually AS AWARENESS…… in this moment all of your precious power that you lossed in the painful event, memory, judgement, altercation, blame or circumstance comes flooding back into this empty space…..


It is drawing back into your heart space for you to feel more love, freedom, peace of mind…. becoming more integrated and whole which is our True nature…. Allow yourself to settle into your new magnetics by just being… Alot of the time we feel this empty space momentarily and it has a smoke screen of fear or aloneness or sadness masking the beauty within it… then we dislike the sensations and bounce away from it which is resistance… which is pain……


we don’t like it and we want to flee and fill it up with external stimulus… JUST BE IN YOUR BEINGNESS for an extra 5 or 10min and allow the Grace of Divine Beingness to filter into your consciousness, let love be.


Just know that every body’s pain is a communication to you and that you have the inner tools to navigate and find better health or balance or comfort by navigating these four layers….





The best part of you is only one breath away 🙂
Johnine xx

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