Grounding & Expanding your Soul’s Awareness


Grounding & Expanding your Soul’s Awareness

Hi Beautiful Soul!

Do you ever feel as though you are bogged down and scattered into fragments, everyone pulling on you or more to the point that you are allowing your self to get in the bad habit of pleasing others and what they are wanting of you?

Well this Meditation Video will be just right for you to pull your power back in from the external attachments that you have made or allowed to come into your space and frequency. I will show you how to come inward and disconnect from these strong pulling currents that keep you in an animated emotional turbulence, which distracts you from your true power and purpose.

First of all I’ll guide you through a breath technique to connect to your Soul’s consciousness, then you’ll view all the things that you have identified and leaked your power into, or placed an investment of love into these people or things and/or co-dependence relations. We’ll  go through a sequence of temporarily letting go of all connections energetically so that you can pull your power back in.


We’ll travel forward in time to our departure from this world and viewing from your Higher Consciousness whereby what you are currently worrying about seems to disappear, as you are in this high state of awareness you will not be worried about the payment default on your mortgage or even the loss of a car etc.

You will feel and tap into the underlying ever loving presence and support that has always been within you and surrounding you, you will free from the past and the future thoughts that run wild inside your head, as you will be in an expansion of your true nature…… Divine Love, non judgement, support, peace and comfort. You will have moved into operating from your Higher Mind of Intelligence, interconnected with all other Divine Intelligence bringing you back into Alignment, present moment and gratefulness of what you already have!


Enjoy the journey deep to the heart of your Soul!

Johnine x


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