Psychic Exercise

Intuitive Exercises

Psychic Exercise

I want to take the time to thank you for arriving on my website. This page will have Intuitive Exercises to practice to fire up your psychic muscles.

Today’s exercise is to imagine that you are within my consciousness, feel as though your hands are blended and within my hands and reach over to the image below to select the crystal that i choose.


Remember to tune into my presence to select what it is I am drawn to pick, not what you’re intuitively drawn to for yourself, sometimes you may feel an expanded larger feeling around the crystal…… or you may see a gold or similar light hover around the crystal…. or you get a knowing within your heart to just reach out and pick that one.

Thank you for participating in this Intuitive Exercise!



Scroll down to a little further to see the Reveal.



Here it is: Apache Tear

I meditated with this today and it’s the first time a crystal has moved in my hand, it caused an electrical response and triggered a wave of Kundalini to rise through my body, lifting frequency – purifying to receive greater Divine Love.

This was pretty amazing!

Johnine x 🙂

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