Johnine is a professional medium, soul mentor and kundalini guide located in Western Australia and has a clientele extending Internationally – Offering 1-1 Personal Readings via Skype, Phone or Face-to-Face.

Currently behind the scenes Johnine is designing upcoming transformational online courses with themes of divine feminine, Kundalini Awakening – harness your power and sensitivity, sacred inner union, awakening tantric energy pathways, unfoldment to Soul realization & actualizing your deep inner purpose you know you were born to do.

Johnine’s courses will assist you in building a solid energetic foundation which is the key component to upper levelling, becoming more magnetically aligned to create and manifest the very things your soul desires; dissolving blocks of self sabotage and lack using consciousness and subtle energy life force to breakthrough all that holds you back from actualizing your visions into the world.

Check back soon to browse and be guided by your personal Soul Mentor!

  • I had a Mediumship Reading with Johnine and she brought through that I had a brother that had passed, he did pass away about two and a half years prior. She said that he was there and I was to tell my Mom that he received his birthday card. I was unsure what this meant but called my Mom to tell and ask her, to my amazement she said yes, she had written his birthday card the day before he passed and had buried it with him. Johnine and I had conversations during my reading and my brother had been with us telling her things only I, or my mother could possibly know. I asked her about another friend that had passed, not giving any details, and the very first thing that she said, that he said, blew me away. There was no way she could have known this. Johnine has very special gifts and is an amazing person to talk to.

  • Wow I was fortunate enough to have a reading with Johnine, using her Medium and Psychic skills on Skype, Johnine was so in the now, full of love and accurate with what she and her guides brought through. There isn’t a lot of people that can or have brought through my brother who has been gone for over 30yrs now, but Johnine did, she also brought my dad and lots of other information in the connection to say the least. Memorable - something I will always cherish. There is no doubt in my mind that Johnine is the real deal, Johnine thank you so much. Xxx Blessings

  • I didn’t believe in readings or mediums in fact, until I met you. You’ve honestly put peace and rest to my heart through the many years of struggling with trying to accept the loss my family had. Thank you so much for my reading; it's the first time in 7 years I've felt at ease with my sister. I will forever be thankful for you! When I'm back in Wagin I'll for sure come and see you. You have a gift, xo

  • I had a Medium Session with Johnine Barlow in January 2013. I found her to be very professional and more importantly I think she was very warm and caring, l found her to be very clear and precise with what she told me. Johnine also gave me insightful information to do with myself and my family members and friends, especially those that were deceased. I came away feeling very peaceful within myself. In my opinion l believe Johnine has a very special gift to share with people. I do look forward to my next session.